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Blue Water DentalBlue Water Dental

Your local family dentist in Langley, BC, Blue Water Dental is here to provide your family and all our new patients with outstanding care with our plethora of services. We offer emergency extractions for wisdom teeth extractions, tooth extractions and root canals for molars and front teeth. For missing teeth we can provide dental implants, dental bridges or Invisalign to close gaps. During regular exams and cleanings we can assess fractured or broken issues for treatment such as composite dental fillings, dental crowns or dental veneers and take digital X-rays. Straightening teeth - We’re your Invisalign dentist for seniors, adults and even kids. We also offer cosmetic dentistry and Zoom teeth whitening. For anxious patients we offer oral conscous sedation. Contact us for an appointment.


Dental services

Dental Bridge
Whether using a Ziroconia or gold structure our dentists are able to use dental bridges to hide any spaces between your missing teeth and restore missing chewing. Bridges have abutments on either side of the space and are supported on natural, healthy teeth.

Dental Crown
Crowns are special full coverage caps that are used to restore damaged, chipped, miscolored and structurally dead teeth. They are easy to maintain just like your own teeth. Most crowns are made of Zirconia or eMax porcelain , which blend naturally to your smile, but sometimes we can use metal or a combination of both.

Dental Implants
Whether you have a single or multiple missing teeth implants can be used to restore both esthetics and function. A titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone and then will Osseointegrate into the bone. Implants have a greater than 95% success rate and we a 3D CT to help with case planning.

Invisible braces also referred to as Invisalign aligners can help correct a variety of bite problems including rotated teeth, deep bites, crossbites, spacing, overcrowding and underbites. Retainers are used to maintain tooth position after treatment. Typical cases average twelve months.

Sedation Dentistry
Conscious oral sedation or sleep dentistry, is used for patients to help them relax when we know they suffer from anxiety, discomfort and/or pain. Whether are doing implants, cleanings or root cleansing conscious sedation can help any patient feel at ease.

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