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Ever dreamed about a smile that makes everyone around you extremely jealous?

Do you want to get natural looking or Hollywood Smile ?  No problem!

We bring it to life: 3-5 days - world class quality  -  low prices!

We are proud of our 15 years experience in the top league of dental tourism with a 98% satisfaction rate.

Our dentist Dr Peter Virag is highly praised among professionals, mostly for his porcelain veneers and metal free restoration, so he is one the best in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Budapest.

We work with the highest quality of equiptments, technology and materials on a global scale to please our patients need in our dental clinic and dental laboratory.

Since our clinic is not a huge one, we do not believe in conveyor belt system during our treatments.

Contident is mostly recommended for those patients who wants a calm, relaxed, friendly environment combined with a high quality dental service.

When you choose us we guarantee 110% of our focus which we believes every patient deserves and an attention which maybe you can't expect from a bigger competitor.

Here with us, it is everything about you!

Click on enquire now and our expert team will help you through step by step!

We truly think that our prices are very reasonable compared to the high level of quality and services which we provide for our patients.
"Okay, okay every dental company states the same. You may ask why would be Contident different?"

We are not just treating our patients , and let them go on their own

.- We pick you up personally from the airport

- We escort you to the clinic and stay with you during the whole process

- We are 0-24 available for  you with any problems, issues, questions. Literally EVERYTHING until the moment when your flight takes off and you will head off to your home with your new smile.

Still uncertain?

To be convinced just look up our reviews: real people with real life experience which we are really proud of.Our former patients felt theirselves in safe hands and that is a very important thing for us.As far as we know only few clinics can match this very important service of us and we are absolutely ready for your requests!
"I am good on my own, but thanks!"

Of course every patient is different, and maybe you just do not want all this guidance and caretaking and want to settle things on your own: it is copletely allright, let us know your needs, no problem!

Since 2017 we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dentacoin and even other cryptocurrencies if discussed as a payment method.


Dental services

Full Porcelain Dental Crowns or bridges -CAD/CAM technology
The zirconium based crowns are the latest innovation in today’s modern aesthetic dentistry. Zirconium is a ceramic, which has the following advantages:Zirconium-crowns are aestheticly pleasing and extremely preciseThey are hard wearing and long lastingZirconium-crowns are constructed without any metals. This can be an advantage if you suffer from metal allergiesLight can penitrate these crowns giving them a natural beautyCAD/CAM technology. Get your New Smile in even 4 working days !

Porcelain Veneers- IPS E-max
E-Max veneers are considered the best full porcelain veneer currently available worldwide. They have outstanding cosmetic appearance and exhibit the natural translucence and shine of ideal healthy teeth. The e.Max veneers are made from lithium disilicate glass ceramic that is both extremely strong and provides outstanding aesthetics. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of eMax lithium disilicate are designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations.The eMax veneers can be color matched to your existing teeth for seamless natural integration your smile, and they can also be fabricated to the shade and color of your desired ideal smile! Get your New Smile in even 4 working days !

Dentist Consultation
The Dentist Consultation at our clinic will be always free online or in person at our clinic too. Get your New Smile in even 4 working days !

Zirconia Crowns or bridges- CAD/CAM technology
Zirconium is a ceramic, which has the following advantages:Zirconium-crowns are aestheticly pleasing and extremely preciseThey are hard wearing and long lastingZirconium-crowns are constructed without any metals. This can be an advantage if you suffer from metal allergiesLight can penitrate these crowns giving them a natural beautyCAD/CAM technology. Get your New Smile in even 4 working days !

Porcelain fused to metal crowns or bridges
PFM crowns are a hybrid between the metal and porcelain dental crowns. A metal shell is initially prepared, and it is designed in a way that will make sure it can fit well over the tooth to be restored. Afterwards, a porcelain veneer is placed on the metal shell and fused securely. This material gives the crown an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Crowns made of porcelain and metal are regarded for their strength, appearance, and stability. They remain to be one of the most dependable form of restorations at present, and patients can count on the durability and natural appeal of these crowns. Get your New Smile in even 4 working days !

Contact Contident

Type: Dental clinic
Country: Hungary
Address: Budapest, 1137, Budapest, Szent István Körút 4., 3th floor
Telephone: 0036203357105
Languages spoken: english, russian, romanian,hungarian

Working hours
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
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09 - 18 h.

Contident Team

Dr. Peter Virag

Dr. Peter Virag

dentist, specialist in cosmetic dentistry and dental and oral diseases

Starting his career as a dental technician was a springboard for him to graduate as a dentist at the Budapest University. The particularly dynamic developments in dental medicine led him seek out new professional techniques, whilst minimising discomfort during treatment – as one of his professors said: „at the end of every tooth, there is a human being”. He believes that the achievement of professional care eliviates stress that is present in many patients.

Lorand Gergely

Lorand Gergely

Client Service Manager

Client Service Manager Lorand is our “man who solves everything” – he put this down to his excellent organizing skills, local knowledge and relations. You feel more comfortable and safe with his guidance during your whole dental travel.

Ildikó Molnár

Ildikó Molnár


News and articles by Contident

Hollywood Smile

It’s hard to not notice that unmistakable smile from all of your favorite Hollywood actors that always seem to have those dazzling white teeth.

Should Old Dental Crowns Be Replaced

For people who have a fracture or decay on their tooth, this can lead to further damages and deterioration over time. Hence, to prevent this serious issue in the future, dental crowns serve as a means of preserving the tooth to prolong its lifespan and enhance its appearance. Learn more about crowns, the average length of time they last, and why it is important to replace old dental crowns.


IS DEEP TEETH CLEANING WORTH IT? It’s not very often that you’ll need a deep cleaning unless you haven’t been to your dentist in a long time. What this means when a dentist mentions deep cleaning is very simple, it’s the removal of tartar and calculus on the upper portions of your teeth that are at the gum line. Calculus is what forms as tartar that hardens and becomes a calcified deposit on your teeth. It can cause inflammation and gun swelling and eventually destroys the enamel on your healthy teeth. If left untreated, it will lead to painful gums, tooth enamel damage, and even the loss of a healthy tooth. This is why deep cleaning is better to be treated while the stages of early calculus are starting to become obvious.


You might be asking yourself if it’s a good idea to replace amalgam fillings with composite material. The truth is that with regular brushing twice a day, accompanied by your visit to the dentist for a cleaning, cavities can still happen. As a statistic, anyone who is between the age of 25 to 45 years of age who have fillings, most of these are made from amalgam.


There is nothing more concerning than having sensitive teeth for activities that should be normal for you. It can happen whenever you eat or drink your favourite foods and even something as simple as brushing your teeth. But the result is always the same with a sharp pain that temporarily makes your teeth react to sudden temperature changes.

Why interdental cleaning is so important

Are you concerned about the health of your mouth? Maintaining a healthy and sparkling smile is possible by brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, the cleaning of your interdental spaces ensures that your mouth will be healthier overall.

Metal free Zirconia crowns cost in UK vs Budapest Hungary

The average person today not only wants teeth that are healthy but also teeth that look great. Unfortunately, the average person may not naturally have teeth that are straight. The good news is that with cosmetic dentistry, anyone can have a beautiful smile. One of the great achievements for dentistry is the metal free zirconia crown with help of Cad/Cam dental technology.

Diastema or gaps between teeth

Diastema or gaps between teeth. Is it ok to have a gap in your teeth?

Root canal treatment

You walk into a dental office to have your troublesome tooth examined. After a checkup, the dentist tells you the only option to save your affected tooth is to undergo root canal treatment. Most patients have always associated this procedure with pain and discomfort. Fortunately, you can drop your dental anxiety or phobia, as root canals are painless because the dentist will use a type of anaesthesia.

Missing teeth problems and the treatment

What is the worst that could happen if you ignored your missing teeth? Just read our blog post below:

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