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Dant Suraksha Dental Care

Dant Suraksha Dental CareDant Suraksha Dental Care

At Dant Suraksha dental clinic in Dilshad Garden, keeping your natural enamel is a core value. In conditions where preservation is now not feasible, we attempt to replicate their natural form. We will serve you as you need. From kids to adults we deal with all as one and one at a time. Book an appointment now and our professionals will get in contact with you at the earliest.


Dental services

Root Canal Treatment
At Dant Suraksha, our patients get the amenities of Microscopic Root Canal cure that involves high-powered optical units that allow the magnified reflection of the affected enamel for effective cleansing and 3-D filling of the hole space.

Teeth whitening Treatment
Rewrite 100 Teeth whitening at Dant Surksha Dilshad Garden is one of the most regularly carried out cosmetic strategies that get rid of ugly stains and spots from your teeth. Through this cosmetic dentistry/ bleaching the dentist can revive the natural coloration of your tooth and brighten them a color higher.

Dental Implant
Dental implants replicate the features of the natural tooth, and it’s a dependable approach to exchange decayed teeth. A Dental implant system is simply like a natural teeth with enamel connected with a screw that can be changed with the decayed tooth. At Dant Suraksha, Dilshad Garden we constantly advocate our patients to be cautious with their dental hygiene, and every time they journey any discomfort in their day by day things to do or any variety of ache then they must go to us as quickly as possible so that we can deal with the trouble at the earliest. Similarly, saving the natural teeth shape is extremely necessary and that’s what we usually strive as long as possible.

Smile Makeover Treatment
A smile is the attraction of your character and any defect and disorientation in the dental shape can damage your shiny smile. Therefore, we at Dant Suraksha have numerous methods of refining and brightening your smile with the modern-day technology. We also provide our patients a pre-bridal smile makeover for their special day.

Laser Dentistry Treatment
At Dant Suraksha, we constantly seem to be for superior and trendy technology to provide our patients a relaxing and blissful dental experience. Laser Dentistry nowadays is normally used in all treatments, and we at our clinic use this technique in these procedures: Pain remedy from a canker or cold sores Benign tumor removal Gum reshaping Extracting samples for biopsies Gum disease treatment Treating gum inflammation Cleaning root canal infections Removing extra throat tissue that can cause sleep apnea Nerve regeneration Uncovering wisdom teeth Preparing cavities for filling

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: India
Address: Delhi, G-4, B-18, near Metro Station Jhilmil, Block B, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, 110095
Telephone: 09810643342
Languages spoken: Hindi and English

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