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Dental Specialists Of Pearland

Dental Specialists Of PearlandDental Specialists Of Pearland

Dental Implants & Prosthodontics Pearland, Texas
Dr. Ruben Sauceda and Dr. Jesus Cabrera, your duo dentists in Pearland, TX, wield more than two decades of collective expertise in the flourishing field of prosthodontics and periodontics. They both share profound wisdom in advanced implant dentistry, cosmetic, and full-mouth transformations. Their skills further expand into multispecialist of treatment planning and the art of facial remodeling. Have any dental issues which need urgent care? Visit us today for better oral health.


Dental services

Cosmetic Dentistry
Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Pearland, TX Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching If your teeth have become dull over time or lost their natural luster, we can revamp their look with professional teeth whitening. With this safe technique, we can make your teeth several shades brighter than before! Cosmetic Smile Design/ Makeover Want to have a single treatment plan for all your cosmetic dental concerns? Our dentists can form a personalized plan to give you a dream smile makeover. It may involve two or more of our cosmetic dentistry services. Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are super-thin laminates that can effectively conceal dental flaws, giving you a flawless smile. With veneers, we can correct chipped, stained, broken, gapped, or uneven teeth.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants in Pearland, TX If you have missing teeth or want to get rid of your removable dentures, you may consider permanent replacement with dental implants. They are a gold standard for tooth replacement due to their lifelike design, retention, and durability. At Dental Specialists of Pearland, we have skilled professionals who can provide you with high-quality dental implants in Pearland, TX. Our qualified prosthodontists, Dr. Ruben Sauceda, and Dr. Jesus Cabrera, will select the best type of implants that suit your needs and preferences. You can enjoy eating your favorite foods and smiling with confidence again! Don’t wait any longer – Contact our dental office today and schedule a consultation.

Preventive Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry in Pearland, TX Besides taking care of your oral hygiene at home, regular dental checkups and cleanings are also essential to keep a healthy, bright smile. That’s why Dental Specialists of Pearland emphasize getting biannual dental exams as a part of preventive dentistry in Pearland, TX. The main aim of this approach is to remove all risk factors that may threaten your oral health, such as tooth decay, infections, and gum disease. It also helps to keep your teeth looking bright and white all year long! To keep your smile free of risk factors, get in touch with Dr. Ruben Sauceda and Dr. Jesus Cabrera, by giving us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Restorative Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry in Pearland, TX Have your teeth gotten damaged despite routine oral care? The truth is that even though teeth are very resilient, they may still get damaged due to cavities, infection, or trauma. At Dental Specialists of Pearland, we utilize advanced techniques to save natural teeth for as long as possible. That’s why Dr. Ruben Sauceda and Dr. Jesus Cabrera offer restorative dentistry in Pearland, TX, to maintain the appearance and functions of your teeth. With our restorative dental treatments, you can enjoy the benefits of your natural teeth for much longer! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Prosthetic Dentistry
Prosthetic Dentistry in Pearland, TX Have you lost one or more teeth and are looking for reliable replacement options? In that case, you have come to the right place. At Dental Specialists of Pearland, we offer advanced solutions for missing or damaged teeth with prosthetic dentistry in Pearland, TX. With the help of our qualified prosthodontists, Dr. Ruben Sauceda and Dr. Jesus Cabrera, you can have the confidence to smile brightly! Our skilled professionals will evaluate your oral cavity and design natural-looking prostheses that uplift the appearance of your smile and improve oral functions. For expert opinion, schedule a consultation with our prosthodontists today.

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