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Dentistry on Bayview

Dentistry on BayviewDentistry on Bayview

Our mission is to provide the very best that modern dentistry has to offer - and to make the experience as easy, stress free, and convenient as possible. We Are located at 3335 Bayview Avenue M2K 1G4, within the Bayview Mall Plaza (On Bayview, just north of Finch, not to be confused with Bayview Village). For your convenience, your cosmetic dentist in Toronto Dr. John Chung's practice is open early mornings, late evenings and on certain Saturdays.

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Dental services

Root Canal Therapy
Root canals have an oversized, fearsome reputation for being a painful, uncomfortable procedure. But modern techniques have made them significantly more comfortable, not to mention faster procedures.

Sedation Dentistry
For some people, a trip to the dentist can be a trigger for anxiety. While dentistry is known to be safe, and extremely important, there’s a subset of people who fixate on the pain or discomfort they might experience during a procedure, and as a result, avoid dentists altogether.

Family Dentistry
Your consultation with Dr. Chung provides you with familiarize yourself about our family oriented dental practice. Our friendly and caring family dentistry staff will greet you and answer any questions before and after your inistial consult with Dr. John Chung, your family dentist.

Teeth Whitening
Your teeth may look smooth and hard, but the surface of a tooth is actually quite porous. As a result, many of the things that we think of as staining, like coffee, tea, or fruit juice, can also, over time, discolour your teeth.

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