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Dhir Dentistry

Dhir DentistryDhir Dentistry

You might desire to obtain superior, high-quality dental care that is distinguished by complex procedures and cutting-edge technology. Visit this Dentist in San Diego California if you want to be treated in a pleasant, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner.
Dhir Dentistry, led by Dr. Sanjay Dhir, aspires to feel like an extension of your family. The team recognizes practical and cost-effective alternatives to restorative procedures aimed to address existing problems, and the practice offers a wide range of preventative services.
Furthermore, when treatment is required, more conservative options are usually suggested to restore the health and appearance of your smile. Make an appointment today to experience high-quality modern dental care!


Dental services

Since 2006, Dr. Sanjay Dhir has placed 2,000-plus dental implants. So, he knows a little something about this “standard” in the replacement of missing teeth. His expertise also shows in advanced credentials from the International Congress of Oral Implantology.

Think of the smiles gracing the faces of the celebrities or leaders that you admire. Often, their perfect teeth are “made” and not “born” by skilled cosmetic dentists. Fortunately, you don’t have to have millions of dollars to look and feel like a million bucks with porcelain veneers. This popular cosmetic treatment is an exceptional value; it conservatively, quickly, safely, predictably, and often dramatically transforms the appearance of your smile. In the uber-skilled hands of Dr. Sanjay Dhir of Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, veneers also look natural – like real teeth, only free of chips, blemishes, and other imperfections that detract from attractive symmetry and beautiful uniformity and proportions.

Smile Design
We all recognize a great smile when we see one. It’s almost instinctual. Smile “artists” and “designers” like Dr. Sanjay Dhir know what makes these smiles stand out so favorably from others. After all, Dr. Dhir has extensive technical training and hands-on experience in dental esthetics and smile design, courtesy of obtaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Esthetic Dentistry from UCLA. A lifelong learner, he is committed to ongoing training in the latest, advanced techniques and treatments. You, as a patient at our San Diego, California practice benefit from knowing that the latest, greatest, and safest materials and approaches have been applied to reveal or restore your most attractive and confident smile.

Dr. Sanjay Dhir and Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, are proud to provide a blend of authentic, relationship-based care and advanced dental technologies and treatments. Invisalign® represents a high-tech way to straighten teeth and correct bite problems comfortably, precisely, and efficiently without braces.

At the practice of Sanjay Dhir, DDS in San Diego, California, we emphasize conservative dentistry. Dental treatments and care characterized as “conservative” involve minimal alteration of the natural tooth structure. In this manner, a maximum amount of the natural, healthy tooth is preserved when treating damage or decay. Dental onlay restorations represent a common and attractive way to resolve damage or trauma that cannot be adequately treated with common fillings or dental inlays. Likewise, the damage addressed with the dental onlay is less extensive than the amount of tooth structure typically restored with a full-coverage dental crown. For this reason, onlays are often referred to as “partial crowns.”

Porcelain crowns
Dr. Sanjay Dhir of Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, may recommend a dental crown (or “cap”) when a tooth-colored composite filling won’t do. A crown will restore the stunning appearance, lasting health, and comfort of your damaged, misshaped, or decayed tooth. As with fillings and other dental restorations, different materials may be used to rebuild the white section of the tooth seen above the gum line. One of the most coveted dental materials is porcelain. This ceramic is lauded for its stain resistance, strength, and ability to “mimic” the properties of natural tooth enamel – down to how light reflects off the surface of the porcelain. Porcelain crowns are also incredibly versatile.

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Dentist San Diego CA - Dhir Dentistry - Dr. Sanjay Dhir
Dentist San Diego CA - Dhir Dentistry - Dr. Sanjay Dhir
Dentist San Diego CA - Dhir Dentistry - Dr. Sanjay Dhir
Dentist San Diego CA - Dhir Dentistry - Dr. Sanjay Dhir

Dhir Dentistry Team

Dr. Sanjay Dhir

Dr. Sanjay Dhir


I come from a family of healers and dentists; my great grandfather was a surgeon in the good old days. My grandfather, mother, and father were career dentists. I am a people person who believes in dignity and respect for all.  I love what I do daily: dentistry is like a religion to me; it lets me make a difference in people’s lives, be creative, and provide the setting for social interactions with my community.

I like to enjoy my time at the office: I spend more than half my waking hours here. If I don’t have fun, then life would be a total waste. So my team members and patients have become close friends. When I am in the office, I am at peace with myself- it’s a happy, kind of loud, but not so serious environment. I love interacting with my coworkers, and they are like family to me; we have the best laughs together.

My wife of 20+ years is a full-time scientist. We have two amazing kids and an adorable dog. The kids are growing up too fast, so we try to do many different things together. My passion, after dentistry, is photography. I love taking pictures of anything and everything. I enjoy hiking, travel, soccer, and cooking. I am also an excellent bartender.

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