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Dr. Alex Rubinov

Dr. Alex RubinovDr. Alex Rubinov

Dr. Alex Rubinov graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine with distinction. He follows in a storied tradition of dental excellence, building his legacy as a third-generation dentist. Dr. Rubinov’s practice at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 1807 in Manhattan specializes in cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, porcelain veneers, invisalign, teeth whitening and smile makeover.

Dr. Alex is the preferred dentist for The Society Management and Elite Model Management and helps top celebrities, athletes, models, and influences achieve their perfect smile.

Working with the world’s leading specialists and surgeons allows Dr. Alex to design a truly artful smile. Dr. Alex can show you why improving your smile can transform your life.


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: New York, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 1807, New York, NY 10111
Telephone: (212) 256-9546
Languages spoken: English

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09 - 18 h.
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Dr. Alex Rubinov
Smile Makeover in Midtown NYC
Midtown NYC Cosmetic Dentist
Porcelain Veneers in Midtown NYC
Dental Implants in Midtown NYC
Teeth Whitening in Midtown NYC

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Getting and Maintaining Dental Implants During Old Age

There are many reasons why many people start losing teeth in old age, including inadvertent falls, poor dental hygiene in the past, diet habits, hereditary conditions or more. Whatever the reason, having a significant number of teeth lost causes more problems than just aesthetics. Primary among these is the fact that it makes it difficult for the individual to eat. Restricting a senior to soft foods only can be detrimental to their health, and can also reduce their quality of life. Fortunately, dental implant services have come a long way and can be used to sort this problem out.

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