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Dr. Amarnathan's Dental Care

Dr. Amarnathan's Dental CareDr. Amarnathan's Dental Care

Dr. Amarnathan’s Dental Care established his Dental Care Facility at the present location in East Tambaram in 1968 with a single dental chair. With an illustrious forty plus years at the Madras Govt. Dental College as a leading Prosthodontist of repute, he was Head of the Dept. Postretirement, he stewarded the growth of SRM Dental College as Principal.

His Dental Care Facility has grown from strength to strength over the last fifty years with three bedrock-like precepts: ‘Uncompromising Quality Service’, ‘Loving Care’ and ‘Total Patient Satisfaction’/’Completely Satisfying Results’/’Complete Solution’. Today it has multiple dental chairs with state-of-the-art equipment and several senior specialty consultants available on call, serving the dental needs of five generations of committed families. Dr Suresh has assumed the responsibility of the Facility since 2001.


Dental services

Tooth Whitening
Teeth Whitening is a dental procedure that whitens shaded teeth, by using suitable whitening materials. It is a simple procedure done in your dentist’s clinic, which is also known as in-office tooth whitening.

Dental implants
Dental implants are the standard solution to restore the missing tooth/teeth. It is a permanent teeth replacement option that can address the possible glitches of conventional dental restoration appliances. A dental implant is typically a titanium post and it is placed into the jaw surgically to renovate the missing tooth root. After insertion, an artificial tooth or fake teeth set is attached to the implant post with a device called abutment.

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal is the name of the hollow space inside your tooth. There is a soft tissue called the pulp inside the root canal. It may be infected or inflamed due to a tooth decay, crack, or injury.

Cosmetic Dentistry
cosmetic dentistry can help you to retain your smile with confidence. It gives a positive vibe to yourself and to your teeth. Smile makeover creates a great impact on you. Even a small change can give a drastic change to your overall appearance. It also improves your confidence, self-respect, and your smile.

Aligners, also known as clear or invisible braces, are almost invisible, and esthetically appealing, as they are not made up of wires or brackets. Aligners too align and straighten your teeth by putting a steady pressure on them, as braces do.

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: India
Address: Chennai, Address : No37, Agasthyar Street, East Tambaram, Chennai- 600 059.
Telephone: 94457 72255
Languages spoken: Tamil, English

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