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Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity DentistDr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

When celebrities want a cosmetic and mouth reconstruction dentist who's on the A-List, they call Dr. Anthony Mobasser. OR: A-list celebrities want an A-list cosmetic and mouth reconstruction dentist. That's Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

There are a lot of dentists in the US, there’s only one celebrities dentist they turn to. Dr. Anthony Mobasser gets quite a bit of publicity as one of the better known cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, but that’s not all he’s known for. There’s a reason he’s called the “Celebrity Dentist.” Having him do your dental work is basically a rite of passage to becoming famous. The list of movie and TV stars that come to his Beverly Hills practice boutique are essentially too many to be named. He also treats captains of industry, royalty, rock stars – basically, if you’ve heard of someone in popular culture over the last few decades, Dr. Mobasser very well could be their dentist. He also treats many patients who are just regular folks that want a dentist with Dr. Mobasser’s experience and reputation. Of course, for all of these people to come to him, he has to be great at what he does. Dr. Mobasser is considered amount the best mouth reconstructive dentists anyone on the planet. You can find out exactly why so many people have come to him over the years. Call us for an initial appointment, and you’ll see exactly how bright your smile can be.  go to Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: Los Angeles, 9201 w Sunset blvd suite 618
Telephone: 3105500383
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian

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Latest reviews

I have to say that going to Dr. Anthony Mobasser was the best choice and experience I have made in my life! I am always treated with care and professionalism.I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!I love my new smile and I only have to thank the best cosmetic dentist around,Dr. Mobasser!

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is an outstanding dentist. His staff is extremely knowledgeable which contributes to a stressless experience when being treated at his office. I can truly say I have never experienced any discomfort at any time during any of my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony Mobasser as the best dentist in Hollywood.

I love Dr. Anthony Mobasser's office! Everyone here is so friendly and very informative. They explain everything they are doing really well and make you feel comfortable. I had two porcelain crowns done and I love the outcome thus far. I couldn't feel a thing and the process was so quick and easy.I would recommend this office and especially Dr. Mobasser to anyone in the area, they really take care of you and your needs.



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