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Emergency Tooth Pain Center

Emergency Tooth Pain CenterEmergency Tooth Pain Center

Emergency Tooth Pain Center can be of assistance when it comes to emergency dental care. Your dental needs will be satisfied thanks to the expertise of our highly trained team providing urgent dental care in Kansas City. In addition, people on a limited budget can choose us because of our reasonable prices. We recognize that when you experience a dental emergency, your top concerns probably lie elsewhere. Because of this, our emergency dental clinic is committed to giving you and your family the highest quality care. Almost any emergency can be handled by our skilled team of dentists, and we always take the time to carefully follow up on your prescriptions as necessary. Most of the time, our patients feel better hours or even minutes after arriving for treatment. Additionally, we are there to assist with any issues straight away. Therefore, don't hesitate and visit us right away for the best dental care in the area.



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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: Prairie Village, 7301 Mission Rd, Building A, Suite 225
Telephone: (913) 831-6060
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