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Family Dental and Orthodontics Centre

Family Dental and Orthodontics CentreFamily Dental and Orthodontics Centre

They are Pune’s most acclaimed dental clinic, FDOC’s dentists, Dr. Shibli Syed, Dr. Shoaib Syed, & Dr. Saina Elahi Syed; and everything about them & their chain of clinics, FDOC Multi-speciality Dental Chains is worth smiling about, right from the time one enters their clinics at East Street & Kasbapeth in Pune!

It all started in the year 2010 when the 3rd topper in BDS from MUHS Nashik, the young Dr. Shibli, started his single-chair practice at Kasbapeth. With dedication and hard work, it grew to double-chairs in 2013. Today joined by his brother Dr. Shoaib, an endodontist & FDOC’s Root-canal specialist, the clinic has crossed milestones in dentistry, with a 3-chair Clinic & a Dental Academy! Dr. Shoaib Syed, the Director of this clinic located in Camp in Pune, also manages the FDOC Dental Academy.

About the thought behind the FDOC Academy, Dr. Shoaib modestly described it as an attempt to give back to the profession which has given them so much & describes it as a training ground for fellow practitioners wanting to hone their skills in varied procedures. When asked about what gives him most satisfaction in his work, Dr Shoaib replied that it’s the smile on his patients’ faces which till a while back writhed in pain due to tooth decay. The change was obviously due to a successful root-canal procedure at FDOC! Besides Dr Shoaib, there is Dr. Saina, a Periodontist & Implantologist, FDOC’s gums and implant specialist whose happy moments are when implants give new life to a toothless mouth. Such cases are plenty at the clinics.


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: India
Address: Pune, Agarwal Pride, Shop No. 7, Near Surya Hospital, Pavle Chowk, Kasba Peth, Pune
Telephone: 020 24570099
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