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Faversham Smiles is one of the highest-rated private and NHS dentist in Faversham, Kent. We understand that keeping on top of their dental health is necessary to our patients is something we’re passionate and proud about too. Our supporting team and general & cosmetic dentists combine a modern approach to dentistry with the best treatments. We are delighted to welcome all new patients to our practice.

Providing preventative dental care to our patients with long term oral health benefits is paramount. We offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and facial aesthetics treatments like Fillers and Botox. We aim to ensure all patients receive the very best advice, choices and solutions for their needs.

Faversham Smiles is a warm and friendly dental practice to visit, so if you would like to join our family and enjoy a healthy smile, then please call us on 01795 515601 or visit our New Patients page for more information.


Dental services

Smile Makeovers Faversham
Faversham Smiles specialise in providing Smile Makeovers in Faversham, Kent. It is a combination of dentistry treatments to hide the minor imperfections in your teeth. Call us today on 01795 515601 to book a makeover consultation.

Composite Bonding Faversham
Faversham Smiles offers Composite Bonding in Faversham, non-invasive treatment and an alternative to porcelain to reshape teeth and improve your smile. Call us today on 01795 515601 to book an appointment.

Teeth Whitening Faversham
Faversham Smiles offers Teeth Whitening in Faversham Kent to lighten the colour of your teeth to a brighter shade. Book your consultation today by calling us on 01795 515601.

White Fillings Faversham
White Fillings in Faversham Smiles are tooth-coloured dental fillings used to repair cavities, cracks and holes in your teeth. Get your old metal fillings replaced with natural-looking white fillings which are virtually undetectable.

Facial Aesthetics Faversham
Enhance your natural beauty with non-surgical facial aesthetics in Faversham, Kent. At Faversham Smiles, we offer line and wrinkle treatment, giving your face a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Call us on 01795 515601 today to book a consultation.

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Telephone: 01795 515601
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