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Hamilton Mountain Dental Group

Hamilton Mountain Dental GroupHamilton Mountain Dental Group

Welcome to Hamilton Mountain Dental Group, where we provide a wide range of dentistry services to every member of your family. Our Hamilton dentists are here to ensure your teeth remain as healthy and strong as ever because, when it comes down to it, our team cares about your oral health as much as you do. So, if you’re worried about your smile, we have the services and experience necessary to help you gain your confidence back. In fact, you’ll have everyone in Hamilton turning their heads in awe!


Dental services

If you’ve suffered from gum disease, restorative treatments should come first and foremost before proceeding with things like dental implants or implant-supported bridges. A way to ensure your jawbone or gums are prepared for implants is by receiving a bone or gum graft.

Dentistry for children can be tough. They can be extremely nervous and not really understand why they’re there in the first place, making it hard to perform the necessary procedures to improve their oral health. Here at Hamilton Mountain Dental, we’re a group of professionals who take the time to get to understand your children’s specific needs while providing a gentle approach to their custom dental care routine. Our staff are true experts when it comes to treating your kids with the respect and gentle care they deserve. We’re firm believers that a gentle and patient approach goes a long way. So, if you’re new to the City of Hamilton and are in search of a trusted family and pediatric dentist, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a recurring patient, welcome back! We look forward to catching up with your children and hearing their amazing stories while we help look after their teeth.

Not only are regular appointments a way to keep your teeth clean from tartar buildup and harmful bacteria, but it’s also a way for us to stay on top of any early signs of gum disease so we can potentially try to reverse them.

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Country: Canada
Address: Hamilton, 79 Rymal Rd W
Telephone: 905-388-1977
Languages spoken: English

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