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Helvetic Clinics Budapest

Helvetic Clinics BudapestHelvetic Clinics Budapest

Helvetic Clinics: Your Gateway to High-Quality, Affordable Dental Implants in Hungary

Are you considering dental implants but discouraged by the high costs in your home country? Helvetic Clinics, a leading dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary, offers a solution with their exceptional quality dental implants at significantly lower prices.

Why Choose Helvetic Clinics?

Expert Dentists: Helvetic Clinics employs a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists specializing in implantology, ensuring the best possible results for your smile makeover.
State-of-the-Art Technology: The clinic utilizes the latest dental technologies and materials to provide comfortable, efficient, and lasting treatments.
Patient-Centered Care: Helvetic Clinics places a strong focus on patient comfort and satisfaction, offering personalized care plans and clear communication throughout your treatment journey.
Cost Savings: You can save up to 50-70% on dental implants compared to prices in many Western European countries, without compromising on quality.
Transform Your Smile at Helvetic Clinics

Whether you require a single implant or a full-mouth restoration, Helvetic Clinics is dedicated to crafting a beautiful and healthy smile that fits within your budget.

Discover more about their services, patient testimonials, and how to start your journey to a new smile by visiting the Helvetic Clinics website:


Dental services

Dental Implants
At Helvetic Clinics in Budapest, we offer 3 different Implants (including abutment and healing screw): Megagen at 680 € / 580 £ Astratech at 990 € / 850 £ and the highest quality implant from Straumann, the SLActive implants* at 1240 € / 1054 £

Dental Crowns
You won’t have to pay anything extra for anesthesia or other possible costs. Whether affixed to a dental implant or a natural tooth, our dental crowns run as follows: 249 £ for a ceramic-metallic crown 396 £ for a zirconia crown 430 £ for an Emax crown

Contact Helvetic Clinics Budapest

Type: Dental clinic
Country: Hungary
Address: Budapest, 12 revay ut 1065 Budapest Hungary
Telephone: 020 3129 1829
Languages spoken: English, French, German, Danish, Hungarian

Working hours
09 - 18 h.
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