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Integrated Medical Center of Corona

Integrated Medical Center of CoronaIntegrated Medical Center of Corona

"Integrated Medical Center of Corona (IMCC) has made the City of Corona its home for more than 63 years. Though the name of the practice has changed in that time, the care has not. In our 6 decades of providing care, we have helped thousands of people in the community with recovery, relief from chronic pain and long term health. Our philosophy is to treat patients how we would like to be treated, therefore, we treat our patients as family. It is that simple. As a part of IMCC you become family to us and we look forward to hearing the stories of how much better our patients feel after letting us help them with their health issues. When you come into IMCC, you we treat you with gentle guidance and respect to make sure that your path to wellness is the right one for you!

IMCC is a wellness center that combines both Western Medicine and alternative therapies to develop the best holistic individualized treatment plans for patients. If you are looking for an integrated approach to your health, take a look at IMCC, we offer a wide variety of doctors and medical providers, to get your health back on track and keep it there.

IMCC offers a highly trained team of doctors and staff who are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced diagnostics and treatment options available. The treatment programs offered at Integrated Medical Center blend the most current technologies available into a seamless program that addresses the cause of your specific health concerns and needs.

Integrated Medical Center’s goal is to make sure your treatment programs are holistic and all inclusive, so we have many disciplines to serve you. Our health care divisions include physical medicine, chiropractic, Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell Therapy), orthopedic spine surgeons, medical weight loss, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, spinal decompression, laser therapy and other aspects of wellness care."


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: Corona, 2250 S. Main Street, Suite # 203
Telephone: 800-595-2447
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Integrated Medical Center of Corona

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