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Click test is the leading game with a variable number of challenges. Have you ever wondered how many clicks can you make using your mouse or the tip of your fingers in a definite time range? Some of you might be new at this game or some will be experts in this activity. It might be possible that some of you are even not aware of such type of tool or game. Some of them play this game globally and worldwide. We have enlisted a number of timeframes so that you can test your finger speed in 5, 10, 30, 60, 100 seconds and so on

CPS Test
You may be wondering about the CPS test, so CPS stands for Click Per Test. Nevertheless, it is the result of the click speed test. However, when the rate is high, the result will be better and vise versa. In addition to this, there are a few factors that influence the CPS rate, like web connection, input device, etc. Web speed can hinder your CPS test rate and influence the snap test results too. Element Speed: Most of the people are new to this term; however, do not worry, as soon as you get it. Speed element or element speed is the stage that quantifies the snap speed. It might be the site or the application on your telephone. The vast majority of Click speed test games work just on PC.

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Click test | Check Your Clicking speed per second (cps)
Click test (cps tester) is a feature providing clicks per second Tool. Our Tool will fulfill the needs of kohi click test tool in the minecraft server for gamers. Now you can take your Clicking speed test. In this Click test 5 scounds u can click as much as u can and your score will appear in Cps counter. click per second is important for your minecraft skills. we are providing clicks per second tool to check your skills.Long time ago Kohi server removed this From their officle site so we decided to put up cps test (clicks per second) tool for you.

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