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Midtown Smile Center

Midtown Smile CenterMidtown Smile Center

Midtown Smile Center's Doctor's and staff are here to serve all of your dental needs. We offer before and after work hours throughout the week to accommodate your busy schedule. We are a state-of-the-art dental practice with all of the latest technologies to enhance your dental experience. Dr. Nikain, Dr. Aguilera, Dr. Northcutt and the rest of the Smile Team would be grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family!


Dental services

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
If you would like to have a straighter, brighter, or more appealing smile, read on! Today’s cosmetic dentistry materials and techniques offer an array of options to enhance your smile. From slight, subtle changes to more dramatic results, cosmetic dental treatments are more comfortable and convenient than ever before.

Dental Crowns & Bridges
When the overall strength of a tooth has been compromised due to broken fillings, decay, root canal or trauma, a crown may be recommended to protect remaining tooth structure from further damage. True to its name, a crown covers the "crown" of a tooth, which includes the entire surface of the tooth above the gumline. Crowns are made of gold, metal, or natural-looking porcelain. Because of the ability to customize the shape of teeth and closely match tooth shades, all-porcelain crowns and Veneers are used in Cosmetic Dentistry to brighten and enhance smile appearance.

Dental Implants
Dental implants offer a natural-looking solution for the replacement of missing teeth. The possibilities that exist today to rebuild smiles with dental implants are virtually unlimited. If you have broken-down or missing teeth, or loose dentures, dental implants may be the solution you have been waiting for. Dental Implants are tiny surgical cylinders that act as structural replacements for the roots of lost teeth to create a foundation for a dental crown, bridge or denture.

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Address: Atlanta, 999 Peachtree Street NE Suite 700
Telephone: 678-904-2001
Languages spoken: English

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