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Monarch Dentistry Streetsville

Monarch Dentistry StreetsvilleMonarch Dentistry Streetsville

Our team here at Streetsville, Mississauga is fully equipped, experienced and prepared to perform almost any dental work you may require. The Dental field is always evolving with new technology and new procedures, our specialists' experience are available to take on all your dental treatment needs. Looking for a dentist who cares? Perhaps a dentist who will care for you and your family. Visit us at Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario. Choose us as your family dentist and we're sure you'll leave every appointment with a smile!


Dental services

Dental Exams and Cleaning
It’s common for some people to put off their semi-annual dental exam and professional tooth cleaning with the misguided belief that the treatments are “not that important.” What Monarch Dentistry wants to let every patient in Ontario know is that regularly scheduled dental exams and professional cleanings do more than occupy space on a calendar – they can help preserve your general health as well as your oral health!

Teeth Whitening
A sparkling, bright smile really catches the eye! It is the one facial feature that people remember most. Unfortunately, it is challenging to keep our teeth as white as they once were without intervention. Well, the good news is, professional teeth whitening is available at Monarch Dentistry. To find out if dental bleaching is right for you, call our Ontario dental office today! and know more about Teeth Whitening Options for You.

Root Canals
Isn’t it a shame that the root canal has such a poor reputation? The worst things in the world are compared to a root canal. It’s a shame because the root canal does a lot of important things to save a tooth. Instead of bemoaning the root canal, it should be thanked – this procedure, while not pleasant, saves teeth. There are many reasons that patients would need root canals. The goal of every dentist is to make sure the root canal isn’t done unless there is a clear and present need. Performing root canals lowers the risk of infection to a tooth and ensures that the tooth is saved and preserved in the mouth.

It seems that more and more people are in pursuit of a perfect smile – but not everyone has the budget to afford the cosmetic dentistry procedures that are not typically covered by dental insurance in Ontario. That’s why Monarch Dentistry wants patients to know that there are other options available such as full or partial dentures. Please keep reading to learn more.

Family Orthodontics
If your dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment, then you should make sure to visit a Monarch Dentistry professional in Ontario to learn more about your orthodontic treatment options. Orthodontics may be recommended if you have problems with the jaw or with the alignment of your teeth or bite. Our orthodontic professionals can provide treatment to make sure that your smile is gorgeous and healthy for years to come.

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