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New Hyde Park Dental

New Hyde Park DentalNew Hyde Park Dental

New Hyde Park Dental offers cosmetic and general dentistry to patients in the Lake Success, New York, area. Our providers offer several dental care services including: Teeth cleaning, Dental implants, Teeth whitening, Veneers and Root canals. The goal at New Hyde Park Dental is to provide all around, truly comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. When patients in the Lake Success, New York, area choose a new dental care provider, they have a number of options. The New Hyde Park Dental care team knows this, which drives them to strive to ensure that their patients have access to the care they need. The New Hyde Park Dental team is available to discuss your dental care needs anytime. Simply call the office or schedule an appointment online and get in touch with New Hyde Park Dental today. The practice is currently accepting new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance. The team looks forward to seeing you soon.

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Dental services

Dental Implants
Dental implants offer a permanent replacement for teeth that are already missing, or for teeth that must be extracted. Implants are secured by the natural jawbone, so they won't shift or move as you chew or talk. New Hyde Park Dental in Lake Success, New York, provides patients with the tools they need to smile, eat, and function fully once again.

Dental Fillings
When a dentist detects cavities on your tooth, they will remove the damaged part and “fill” the empty area of the tooth. That’s why every person who has had cavities usually has dental fillings in his or her mouth. At New Hyde Park Dental we believe our patients have to feel confident and not think whether their fillings show every time they laugh or smile, that is why we use white fillings which match the color of the teeth and are as strong as any other amalgam fillings.

Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning is a vital part of regular dental care. While brushing and flossing is an important part of good dental care, your regular teeth cleaning appointments with New Hyde Park Dental in Lake success, New York, are just as important. Oral Health ties in closely to overall health and wellness, so don't delay in having your teeth cleaned regularly.

Removable Dentures
Removable dentures can be a good solution for patients who have missing teeth. Without your natural teeth, you're unable to eat -- or even speak -- normally in many cases. Removable dentures can allow you to function just as if you had your own teeth again. New Hyde Park Dental in Lake Success, New York, is ready to help you achieve a full smile once again.

Root Canal
Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment that focuses on repairing a damaged or diseased tooth. When your tooth is seriously damaged or decayed, the interior soft tissues must be extracted if the outer tooth is to be properly preserved. New Hyde Park Dental in Lake Success, New York, can remove the inner part of the tooth while preserving the healthy outer part in a root canal procedure.

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