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Orthodontics Manchester

Orthodontics ManchesterOrthodontics Manchester

Orthodontics Manchester is part of Cheadle Dental Practice. We provide specialist dental services for children and adults to patients from Greater Manchester.

Our expert dentists identify the optimal treatment and perfect braces suitable for each individual.

At Orthodontics Manchester our dentists will help you and your family achieve the best smile you deserve in personal family friendly environment. Orthodontics can help people at all ages and personal situations like;

  • Are you self-conscious when you smile?
  • Are you looking to straighten your teeth as soon as possible?
  • Are you looking for an orthodontist to fix your crooked teeth?
  • Are you looking for affordable treatments in Manchester?

Dental services

Ceramic Braces Manchester
White braces operate in much the same way as their metal counterparts, however, they have a huge aesthetic advantage. They are made from ‘tooth-coloured’ white, cream or ivory ceramics that blend in and reduce the visual impact of the realignment while it is taking place. Ceramic braces tend to be tougher than plastic ones and patients often see quicker results. They are more expensive than metal braces but still represent an extremely cost-effective option.

Quick Straight Teeth
Whether you have visible gaps, crooked or rotated teeth or unsightly cracks and chips, our team can offer you a bespoke tooth straightening solution or a dental implant solution to give you the smile of your dreams. Results are both fast and affordable. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Six month smile makeover
At the end of the treatment, your smile will look very different from your teeth in their optimal positions. The process can take as little as four months, or any time up to nine months to complete, depending on the individual patient. There is very little discomfort involved if any. It can prevent tooth extractions in certain situations, such as an overcrowded mouth, and make it easier to clean and care for your teeth going forward

Metal braces
Metal or wire brackets are what most people picture when they think about traditional teeth straightening techniques. Despite the range of cosmetic dentistry options out there nowadays, metal braces remain a popular realignment solution. Their design is far less intrusive than in years gone by, the application is much less painful and results are highly effective. They are not quite as expensive as other options, and different coloured wires allow for self-expression and create smiles. Heat-activated archwires fix the brace in position, while constant, gradual pressure enables realignment to happen with minimal discomfort. Successful alignment subsequently allows patients to clean their teeth more easily, thus improving oral hygiene and reducing decay. Corrected bites can also help reduce any jaw pain you may have been experiencing while chewing, talking or yawning.

Invisalign in Manchester is a hugely popular teeth-straightening system, designed to achieve quick results safely and discreetly. It consists of several clear, custom-made aligners that are fitted to your teeth to act like transparent gum protectors. Frequent appointments allow us to monitor the treatment and replace the aligners as the patient’s mouth changes shape. In this way, Invisalign is just as effective as more traditional braces but offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the patient while the process is underway.

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