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Proffitt Dentistry

Proffitt DentistryProffitt Dentistry

Proffitt Dentistry, located in the beautiful city of Maryville, Tennessee, is honored to be your destination for quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. Dentist Dr. Proffitt has over 35 years of experience preventing, managing, and resolving oral conditions.

He has successfully handled most dental problems with his trained staff at Proffitt Dentistry in a gentle, precise, and conservative manner. Each patient's condition is unique, and it should be assessed and treated in a way that represents the patient's desire for good health. Dr. Proffitt urges his patients to make good health and esthetics a lifetime priority.


Dental services

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentistry that is “cosmetic” in nature focuses on rebuilding tissues to mimic the attractive appearance of the healthy structure. Patients elect to have these strictly cosmetic procedures done. The “foundation” of our tooth may be healthy. But, perhaps, aesthetic flaws such as dark stains or chips are present.

Clear Aligner Orthodontics
When your upper teeth overlap ever so slightly, and your upper and lower teeth make contact with each other when you close your mouth, you have a healthy “bite.” However, many people are not that fortunate.

Dental Sealants
Taking good care of the teeth is easy with brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits. However, it can be difficult to get a deep cleaning of the teeth every day—especially for children. This is why the team at Proffitt Dentistry in Maryville, TN often recommends the placement of dental sealants as an extra step towards protecting the smile.

At Home Teeth Whitening
From pastes to pens to strips and even lipsticks, there is a mind-boggling number of products that claim to whiten teeth. As you may have discovered, these products either fail to live up to those promises, or they make a barely noticeable change in the color of your teeth.

Smile Makeover
Just as an impossibly gorgeous sunset is a thing of beauty, so is a smile that features a complete set of white, evenly spaced, and regularly shaped teeth. The gums that “frame” the teeth are also in proportion; they’re not pulled back to reveal too much tooth structure.

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