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Rawson Dental Epping

Rawson Dental EppingRawson Dental Epping

Rawson Dental is Epping based dental clinic. Here, you will receive personalized and gentle dental care in our brand-new clinic. With the years of practice, Dentist Epping NSW, we offer quality general and cosmetic dental services in Epping including dental implants, orthodontics, and Sleep Dentistry and many more. We take pride in delivering superior, personalized dental care for the whole family in a relaxed environment. For more information call us on (02) 9868 3037.


Dental services

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr Thuy Le and Dr Tracy Le have both had over two decades of experience in practicing cosmetic dentistry both in Sydney and abroad. They have dedicated interest and expertise in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants so they can enhance your smiles.

Dental Implants
Dental implants replace missing teeth. They are designed to look and function like natural teeth without compromising any of the remaining teeth. Dental implants can make an attractive alternative to dentures and bridges.

Root Canal Therapy - Endodontics
The root canals are thin channels in your tooth that run down to the tip of the tooth´s root. They carry the tooth’s nerves, veins and arteries (the pulp). Each tooth has one to four root canals.

Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Our dentist or a specialist might also recommend their removal to prevent problems or for another reason. The removal might be part of an orthodontic, restorative or periodontal treatment plan.

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Australia
Address: Epping, 45 Beecroft Rd
Telephone: 0298683037
Languages spoken: English

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09 - 18 h.
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