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Shallowford Smiles

Shallowford SmilesShallowford Smiles

At Shallowford Smiles, we’ve invested in the best technology and equipment available to take your care to the next level. One example is our computer guided 3D dental implant placement process. From your consultation to the actual surgery, this technology provides the most precise placement and successful outcome possible. It allows us to complete your entire implant therapy from start to finish right here at our Chattanooga practice.


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  • Chattanooga Dentists Trained in the Latest Techniques
  • Caring, Professional, Highly Trained Team
  • Comfortable Dentistry Environment
  • Insurance Accepted and Billed
  • Family Dentistry

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: Chattanooga, 7613 Shallowford Road
Telephone: (423) 855-4212
Languages spoken: English

Working hours
8:00AM - 5.00PM h.
8:00AM - 5.00PM h.
8:00AM - 5.00PM h.
8:00AM - 5.00PM h.


Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport 9 minutes drive to the west of Chattanooga's top dentist Shallowfor
Chattanooga State Community College 9.5 miles to the north west of Shallowford Smiles
Chattanooga Zoo 12 miles to the west of Shallowford Smiles
Chattanooga's best cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Wilkinson
Exterior view of Chattanooga's  dental implants center Shallowford Smiles
Hallway at Shallowford Smiles Chattanooga
Operatory at  Chattanooga dentist Shallowford Smiles
Reception center at Chattanooga cosmetic dentist Shallowford Smiles
Refreshment area at Shallowford Smiles Chattanooga
Shallowford Road near Chattanooga dentist Shallowford Smiles
Signboard near Shallowford Smiles Chattanooga TN
Tennessee Aquarium 20 minutes drive to the west of Shallowford Smiles Chattanooga
The team at Shallowford Smiles
Waiting area at Shallowford Smiles Chattanooga TN 37421
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