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Skyway Dental Care

Skyway Dental CareSkyway Dental Care

Are you in need of comprehensive dental services? At our Burlington dental clinic, Skyway Dental Care, we have a dentist in Burlington who provides such services. Our dentist near you offers high-quality dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, dental fillings, sealants, Invisalign, and much more. Call us today.


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Canada
Address: Burlington, 665 Plains Rd East, Unit 9
Telephone: 365-657-0704
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10:00 AM - 7:00 PM h.
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Skyway Dental Care Team

Dr. Ahmed Sabri


Education & Background

After growing up in Iraq and working there as a licensed dentist, Dr. Sabri and his family left during the war to come to Canada. His love of helping others prompted Dr. Sabri to immediately work towards passing his equivalency exams and he earned his license to practice in Canada in 2016.

When looking for his own dental home, Dr. Sabri considered many things, and a lovely, caring, and professional team to work with was at the top of his list. He wanted to ensure that his patients had the opportunity to access the care they wanted in an environment that valued his goal of creating and maintaining trusting relationships where his team and patients could become like family. Loving his community and having found that environment at Monarch Dentistry, Dr. Sabri took the opportunity to purchase the practice and rebrand it as his own, and Skyway Dental was born in 2019.

Dental Practice Philosophy

As a Burlington dentist, Dr. Sabri’s priority is to create a friendly and comfortable environment in which to provide your family’s dental care. He also aims to offer a wide range of treatments because he knows that it’s less stressful for you to receive all of your care from one familiar team, without the need for referrals. These services include Invisalign, dentures, and dental implants. He places great importance on education so that you have whatever tools you need to enjoy the excellent oral health that supports your overall well-being. For your convenience and to ensure he fully understands your goals – and you understand your options – Dr. Sabri can provide your care in English, Arabic, or Italian.

Outside Of Skyway Dental

When he’s not helping others achieve their dream smiles at Skyway Dental, Dr. Sabri helps other immigrant dentists during their own journeys through the National Dental Examining Board equivalency process. With compassion and patience, he has helped hundreds of dentists attain their dreams of becoming licensed dentists in Canada.

Dr. Sabri and his wife May have two children, Lamar & Adan. When he’s not with his family or helping others, he enjoys swimming and taking trips with his family.

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