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Smiles On QueenSmiles On Queen

Using safe and effective technology, low-exposure digital x-rays, and only the highest quality materials, Smiles on Queen Dentistry provides only the best care for patients from all walks of life.

Some of the services we offer are restorative work, bleaching, implants, dentures, smile rejuvenation with veneers and bonding, orthodontics, children’s dentistry, non-surgical lip augmentation, holistic dentistry, TMJ and tension headache treatment, botox, root canals, and much more.

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Dental services

Children's Dentistry
At Smiles on Queen Dentistry, we are fully dedicated to meeting the oral health needs of children. We offer dental care for children from infancy through their teenage years. Since children at different stages of development require a different approach when it comes to dental care, will offer guidance for proper dental growth and development, as well as helping them take steps to maintain optimal dental hygiene.

Dental Bridge
Missing teeth not only contribute to cosmetic issues but can also bring a host of dental problems. We offer multiple restorative procedures for individuals with missing teeth. Your Smiles on Queen dentist may recommend dental bridges to replace the missing teeth to restore your smile.

Dental Checkups
At Smiles on Queen, we perform regular checkups before coming up with a customized dental treatment plan for a patient. Whether if it is your first visit in many years and you are looking to get your oral care back on track, or if you are looking for regular maintenance for your already well kept dentition, we have a friendly and professional team ready to offer you exceptional service. Our goal is to provide you optimal oral health in conjunction with your overall health.

Dental Cleanings
Want clean and polished teeth? Visit Smiles on Queen for professional dental cleanings done by a qualified dentist or registered dental hygienist. We will get rid of all the plaque, calculus, and stains in those hard to reach areas in your mouth. Even though you brush and floss your teeth regularly, professional cleaning is important to remove hardened build up under the gumlines, prevent cavities, as well as treat gum disease which can lead to tooth loss.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are often used to restore function, enhance smiles, and protect teeth from further damage. At Smiles on Queen, we can use crowns to create a beautiful, long lasting smile.

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