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Terra Dental Care

Terra Dental CareTerra Dental Care

Are you looking for an affordable and skilled dentist in Downtown Calgary? At Terra Dental care we take utmost care of our patients. We provide various types of dental services such as Dental Cleanings and Checkups, Root Canal Therapy, Tooth Extractions, Dental Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Dental Fillings etc. For more information related to our dental services please visit our website or dentist near you today. Book an appointment at a dental clinic in Downtown Calgary.


Dental services

General Dentistry
Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with personalized, comprehensive, preventative dental care at our dental practice. With our wide range of preventative dental services, we are committed to helping all our patients achieve a radiant, healthy smile.

Dental Guards & Appliances
Life can be stressful, and you deserve to feel as healthy and rejuvenated as possible. Daily stresses can have an impact on oral health, and our team at Terra Dental Care is here to help. We offer a variety of dental guards and appliances in downtown Calgary to protect your teeth from stress-related damage and help you get the rest you deserve. Visit our dental clinic in downtown Calgary for more information.

Root Canal Therapy
Your tooth has many layers, and tooth decay begins on the outer layer of your tooth, known as the enamel. When this decay is left untreated, it makes its way to the center of your tooth, called the pulp. The pulp is where all the essential nerves and roots are that provide nutrients to your tooth. If left unattended, the decay in this part of your tooth will eventually lead to tooth loss. At Terra Dental Care, we provide root canal therapy in downtown Calgary to preserve your tooth and save you from tooth loss.

Restorative Dentistry
Missing and damaged teeth harm your overall quality of life. At Terra Dental Care, we understand the important role that restorative dentistry plays in the lives of our patients. Whether you have weakened, missing, or damaged teeth, our team is confident that we have the solution for you. The comfort and wellbeing of our patients are of the utmost importance to us. With our options for restorative dentistry, you can trust that we can give you back your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry
A smile says a lot about you. It is the first thing that people note about you and can make or break important life events such as job interviews and board meetings. At Terra Dental Care, our team is proud to provide our patients with various options for cosmetic dentistry in downtown Calgary. With treatment options from dental crowns to dental veneers, we are confident you will leave our office with a smile you can’t wait to share.

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Canada
Address: Calgary, Watermark Tower, 530 8 Ave SW #210, Calgary, AB T2P 3S8, Canada
Telephone: (403) 263-4030
Languages spoken: English

Working hours
10:30 - 18:00 h.
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Terra Dental Care

Terra Dental Care Team

Dr. Mike Parchewsky

Dr. Mike Parchewsky


Dr. Parchewsky obtained a four-year Honors Physiology degree from the University of Alberta followed by a 5 year D.M.D dentistry degree with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Parchewsky has completed postgraduate training at the University of Florida and the University of San Antonio Health Science Center in Texas. Recently, Dr. Parchewsky has completed an Oral Surgery Fellowship at the Montefiore College of Dentistry in New York. He has also been awarded a Fellowship from the American Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Parchewsky provides complete dental care to his patients including all facets of general dentistry including Implants, wisdom teeth extractions, Intravenous Sedation and other oral surgical procedures. Dr. Parchewsky is currently involved with research projects into implants and bone grafting. Dr. Parchewsky is involved with several organizations that provide volunteer dental and surgical procedures in third world locations such as Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru and Nicaragua.

In his spare time, Dr. Parchewsky enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, golf and hockey.

News and articles by Terra Dental Care

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Do you dream of showing off a smile that could rival those of Hollywood stars? Well, thanks to dental progressions, you don’t need to dream about it anymore! Whether you’re interested in receiving professional treatment or you’d prefer to do it within the comfort of your own home, illuminating your smile has never been easier and more accessible than it is today. To learn more about teeth whitening in downtown Calgary, reach out to our local dental clinic.

Top 4 Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one facet of dental care that focuses on not only repairing the appearance of your teeth, gums, and mouth but improving oral function and health overall. Treatments include receiving veneers, teeth whitening, and dental crowns, all of which are services offered by dentists in Downtown Calgary.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost

Root canal therapy is an effective dental procedure that helps patients maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible. If you have an infected tooth, then your dentist in Downtown Calgary may suggest that you get root canal therapy to prevent the need for extraction and remove the infection.

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