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West Seattle Smile Co.

West Seattle Smile Co.West Seattle Smile Co.

We are a general dental office located in the heart of West Seattle, and we pride ourselves in providing high quality, comprehensive dentistry to people of all ages. We provide a wide range of dental services, from dental exams to dental implants to botox. We have an amazing, friendly team and two talented doctors that are passionate about helping people achieve the beautiful smile they always dreamed of!


Dental services

Dental Cleanings
An essential part of your oral health care is having your teeth professionally cleaned. Depending on your periodontal status, regular cleanings are recommended every 3 to 6 months. At this appointment any stubborn plaque and tartar are cleared, gum measurements may be recorded, any required x-rays will be taken, and your teeth will be polished and flossed. Depending on your exam interval, a fluoride treatment may be recommended. Additionally, the hygienist will give your personalized tips to help your home care and the doctor will stop in for a quick exam, if indicated. It is important to maintain these regular cleaning cycles so that we can keep your teeth, bone, and gums healthy and catch any problems that may arise early!

We provide a variety of Botox services to our neighborhood West Seattle patients. Botox can be used for pain relief, migraine relief, and for cosmetic purposes to alleviate wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Our trained doctors will carefully evaluate your needs and determine if we can safely implement Botox to suit your needs!

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