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Westside Family Dental

Westside Family DentalWestside Family Dental

Dental care for people of all ages and more important than this is to find the right family dentist near you that is available for all types of dental treatments. If you are in the Edmonton, T5R 1W2 locality, and need a dentist in Edmonton, AB, T5R 1W2, consider going for a consultation with Dr. Rohan Bhogal in Edmonton of the Westside Family Dental in Edmonton, AB. He holds professional experience in providing comprehensive dental care, including emergency dentistry and endodontics, along with periodontics and much more in general and cosmetic dentistry. Among all of his services are included dental crowns, teeth straightening, dental bridges, dental fillings, dental bonding, inlays, onlays, dental exam & cleaning, tooth extraction in Edmonton. With the use of the latest technological equipment and tools and digitized clinic, he provides precision dentistry with a very personalized and warm approach. He's also your emergency dentist in Edmonton and pediatric dentist near you, making Westside Family Dental the dentistry in Edmonton that you can visit for comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Book an appointment with Dr. Rohan Bhogal now!


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Canada
Address: Edmonton, 8708 155 St NW #201
Telephone: 780-484-5764
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