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Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Berwick

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery BerwickWoodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Berwick

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentist Berwick – Located in the heart of Berwick

Best dentists in Berwick.

All dental services at an affordable price.
Use of the latest technology.
Easily appointment services.
All dental services under one roof.
We have a dedicated dentist team.
A friendly and skilled dentist.
We are open Monday to Friday on Saturday with an appointment.
Our working hours are from 9:00 to 17:30.
No hidden cost.


Address: 137 Moondarra Dr, Berwick VIC 3806

Monday 9am–6:30pm
Tuesday 9am–6:30pm
Wednesday 9am–6:30pm
Thursday 9am–6:30pm
Friday 9am–6:30pm
Saturday 9am–2:30pm
Sunday Closed


Health and safety: Appointment required · Mask required · Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · 

Products and services:
Phone: (03) 9702 0234


Dental services

Orthodontic Treatment
Dentists of Woodleigh waters dental surgery Berwick have the expertise in aligning maligned teeth by using conventional braces or clear aligners ( smile styler). Our orthodontic treatments help patients by correcting their improperly positioned teeth and jaws, thus eliminating the risk of tooth decay, periodontal diseases and stress on chewing muscles. our dentists are trained in orthodontic treatment using both traditional braces and clear aligners.

Root Canal Treatment
Dentists of Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery are experts in not only root canal treatment but also re-root canal treatment. When dental decay goes deep into the nerve it causes shooting pain. When the dental pulp is damaged, bacteria start to multiply inside the tooth which leads to infection or abscess at the bottom of the roots of the tooth. The Signs are severe toothache, sensitivity to cold or hot which lasts long after the source is removed, swelling, tenderness. RCT takes longer than filling, it can take 3-4 appointments.

Dental Checkups and clean
At Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery in Berwick, Your dentist will assess your teeth and oral cavity for early signs of tooth decay ( cavities, gum disease, bone loss, periodontal pockets, oral cancer, etc.). Dentists in Woodleigh Waters Dental surgery give you thorough oral hygiene instructions and brushing techniques and educate their patients about what is going on in their mouths and how they can prevent further damage to their teeth and save money at the same time by timely addressing any issue.

Dental Fillings
Dental treatment is a treatment that restores the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure because of caries or external trauma. AS one of the best dentists in Berwick, Woodleigh waters Dental Surgery has very experienced dentists who have the mastery of using all different materials like amalgam, composite, fuji, and IRM. According to the situation and demand of the patient. Amalgam is used in dentistry for more than 150 years, it is an alloy of metals like silver, tin, mercury, and zinc.

Cosmetic Treatment
Because of lifestyle, personal factors and various habits can result in teeth showing different faults or blemishes over the period of time. Woodleigh waters dental clinic offers a range of modern cosmetic treatments to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. There are various reasons for the crooked appearance of teeth follows – bad stains from certain foods or beverages like tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks, Family history of dental irregularities such as gaps, spots, and misaligned teeth, broken restorations.

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Australia
Address: Berwick, 137 Moondarra Dr, Berwick VIC 3806
Telephone: 039702 0234
Languages spoken: English

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