4 Facts About One of Turkey's Biggest Dental Clinics

July 19, 2021

4 Facts About One of Turkey's Biggest Dental Clinics
4 Facts About One of Turkey's Biggest Dental Clinics

Founded in 2009, Dentakay has since developed to have a positive impact on the landscape of dentistry practices across Turkey. To be one of the top clinics in the world's hottest medical tourism attraction requires commitment to excellence, hard work, and technological advancements. So what are the key factors that made Dentakay dominate the dentistry scene in Turkey?


1. An Over-Qualified Cadre

Dentakay was founded in 2009 by dentist Gulay Akay, an accomplished dentist with a penchant for smile design with an exceptional elegant twist that became the forefront of Dentakay's identity. Following the establishment of the clinic, the dental cadre at Dentakay began growing as more dentists with unsurpassed expertise dedicated their skills to the center and its patients. Topping the list is the reputable Dr. Barış Erkul with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry followed by Dr. Seden Aksu who posses 15 years of practice and a PHD in periodontology. The team hosts more diverse expertise and specialities on board ranging from endodontics to implant ology.


2. State-of-the-Art Facility

Dentistry practices necessitate a special dedication to stay current. The field is constantly advancing to bring techniques that are more efficient to the table. Incorporating these techniques is what gives patients more natural smiles and convenient experiences. Dentakay hosts an array of cutting-edge technologies that allow patients to get instant procedures that would traditionally take months. For instance, the CAD/CAM technology is a computer-assisted camera connected to a 3D printing machine. This technology allows doctors to take accurate impressions of your mouth and print out your ceramic crowns or veneers right away. Procedures that can work with the CAD/CAM technology include dental crowns, the Hollywood Smile, and dental Implants all of which typically require a period of 1 to 6 months to complete.


3. Durable & Natural Results

Dentakay employs the highest quality materials to provide durable and natural looking results. From the quality of the dental prosthetics to the precision of the smile design phase, the overall work that goes into the process of giving you the perfect smile is very intricate. You can visit the website of Dentakay to view before and after pictures of several cosmetic dentistry procedures. Furthermore, you can review feedback from older patients on Google.


4. Luxury Services

In addition to the excellence of their work, Dentakay is built around patient satisfaction and convenience. For this reason, the Istanbul-based dental clinic offers a multitude of services for health tourists that would make their visit to Turkey a breeze. From airport reception to private transport, deluxe accommodation and translation services. All the details of your travel arrangements are professionally handled and included in your treatment fees.


Contact Dentakay

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey and want to learn more about the process or if you would like to receive online diagnosis, you can book an online consultation with Dentakay. Their medical specialists will get in touch with you right away to address all your concerns. 


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