4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Important for Healthcare Marketing

January 13, 2023

4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Important for Healthcare Marketing
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Direct and Collateral Reasons for Medical FB Marketing

Facebook marketing is effective for more than just small businesses, or big corporate interests operating purely for profit. It’s also a fine vector for healthcare operations that need to become more visible. Yes, medical practices, even hospitals, need to advertise. In fact, if you’re in healthcare, you know how necessary this is.

Medicine is expensive, opening a practice comes with many built-in fees, and breaking even alone is an undertaking; much less profiting in the process. Even regional hospitals need to advertise medical products and services to properly underwrite their costly procedures.

To that end, a great way of enhancing visibility is Facebook ads for medical practices. We’ll explore a few reasons why FB ads are quite effective for medical businesses in this writing. Surprisingly, more than direct profit recommends this approach. There are collateral reasons to use FB advertising.


1. Raising Awareness on Relevant Issues

Especially when new illnesses or health discoveries manifest, it’s important to educate people. FB ads are one of the best ways to do that. A lot of people don’t realize how much they actually need the products and services of your healthcare business.

Long-term health benefits from new procedures, as well as those that provide immediate benefits, are often available; and people don’t realize it.

2. FB Marketing Works: Everybody is On FB

A simple reason to market using Facebook is that such marketing works. Everybody has Facebook. Well, not everybody; but just about everybody. There are approximately 2.91 billion people on Facebook. There are approximately 8 billion people in the world. So between 25% and 36.375% of the total population are on this one social media platform.

Those are global numbers. US numbers will differ from, say, African numbers, or the numbers coming in from third-world countries where the internet is still a bit privileged. Basically, in developed, first-world countries, everybody is on Facebook.

It’s almost a default necessity for modern socialization and professionalism. So medical marketing utilizing FB will reach people.

3. Cost-Effective Convenience Recommends FB Marketing

FB marketing is cost-effective and produces legitimate ROI or Return On Investment. The more you invest, the more returns you’ll see; generally. The entire profit model of FB revolves around advertising; that’s why there was such a dust-up regarding Cambridge-Analytica: their marketing engine was turned toward political manipulation, and successfully.

Basically, FB and other social media companies consistently collect data on all users. That data is then sold, manipulated, and otherwise interacted with by marketing pros as a means of facilitating sales. FB’s “product” is user data. Their “buyer” is advertisers who need that data to push their products and services. Healthcare businesses benefit like any company.

4. Competitive Viability is Enabled: Other Marketers Use FB, Too

This is perhaps the most important, and easy-to-understand point: because FB marketing is ubiquitous, ever-present, and effective, you definitely have competitors leveraging associated data toward successful profitability. Neglecting to use this tool puts you “behind the eight ball”, as the saying goes. You won’t be as competitively viable without such social media marketing.


Expanding Visibility as a Healthcare Business Through Facebook

Competitive viability is enabled through FB marketing; this applies to healthcare businesses, and most businesses generally. Such marketing is cost-effective, the marketing itself works very well, and collaterally, such marketing helps raise awareness about real health issues.
Altogether, it’s a “no brainer”, as they say. Facebook marketing is something any healthcare business should learn to take full advantage of.


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