4 Reasons Why Foreigners Like Thai Dental Clinics

February 23, 2023

4 Reasons Why Foreigners Like Thai Dental Clinics
4 Reasons Why Foreigners Like Thai Dental Clinics

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for foreigners and a country that allows foreigners to have more options to do additional travel. People can choose to travel and invest in their dental health. Thai government has not officially announced this policy but it may go along these lines: ‘Our country is considered to have a reputation for world class medicine and dentisty. That's why foreigners like to visit, consider a smile makeover and take care of their white shiny smile in Thailand.

Let’s explore a few reasons why travelers from all over the world consider Thailand as a place to have their teeth fixed and smile changed:

1. Thailand is a country of high class service. The country has a history of accommodation people from all over the world in various sectors – tourism, medicine and dentistry. Medical field is known to be of very high quality and the services provided can compare to all western standards. Foreign patients are greeted with smiles from the reception team to dental nurses, dentists, physicians and even pharmacists.

2. Different currency. The currency exchange rate is an important factor to consider when you have to calculate the final price for your medical and dental treatment. Countries that have favorable exchange rate to the Thailand currency Baht can enjoy world class dental care for maybe half of what they would be paying in their own countries. Not only that you pay less but you’d get the equal quality and superb care.

For example, in Australia the patient may end up spending over $200 for a tooth filling, while dental cavities can be fixed in Thailand for a price starting from $30. People from Australia, New Zealand, USA and European countries are looking for options to cut down on their dental bills and Thailand has a lot to offer to these people. They often travel to Chiang Mai to receive high class Dental Chiang Mai services.


3. Skills of the well-known dentists in Thailand. In addition to the lower prices of dental services, which happen to be a lot affordable and accessible, medical personnel such as dentists, surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses also possess higher level of professional expertise. They can use cutting edge technology to provide services with internationally proven standards.
Hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand are well regulated and must have a business and regulatory license in order to provide cosmetic surgery and smile interventions. Customers can be confident that they will receive a service that is safe and follows the gold standards.

4. In addition to being treated, you can still do a lot of travelling. It’s like paying for your dental treatment and also getting a fabulous holiday as a bonus. With plenty of tours and options to explore the country Thailand has become a favorite place for many people to combine their well-being with medical procedures. Medical and dental tourism are booming and people share their positive feedback to friends and family


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