5 Highest-Earning Dental Specialties To Pursue

November 16, 2020

5 Highest-Earning Dental Specialties To Pursue
5 Highest-Earning Dental Specialties To Pursue

Do you want to pursue a career in dentistry? It’s justifiable - this is a highly respected and high-paying profession. Dentists are always in demand, and none of them will be unemployed for long. However, working as a general dentist can be monotonous - why not get specialized in something more demanding?


If you decide to become a master or doctor of dental medicine, you should take a look at the most high-earning specialties. To make it easier for you, we’ve chosen five of them with the highest annual income - take a look at the list below.


However, first, you need to remember: it’s not that easy. Specialty may be important, but it’s not always vital for your income. The size of the practice, on the other hand, and job quality are crucial. A general practitioner in a small town may have a bigger practice than in the big city simply because he doesn’t have any competition. And a doctor with bad reviews will evidently get less income than the one with good credentials.


Additionally, never choose a job or specialty you’re not interested in. Your income depends on the quality of your job, and quality very often depends on you being interested in what you do. Never go into pediatric dentistry if you hate kids, and don’t pursue implantology if you’re not extremely responsible.


But if you decided that dental medicine is absolutely for you, here are the most high-paid specialties.


1. Pediatric Dentist

If you’re good with kids, this could be your path to becoming wealthy. Pediatric dentists are as precious as gold because not everybody has what it takes to deal with kids. Before pursuing this specialty, make sure that you’re ready for it, as you will have to deal with crying children of all ages on a daily basis.


To specialize in pediatric dentistry, you’ll have to complete a residency program (24 months or more) after acquiring a dental degree and pass a board exam. Additionally, you’ll have more responsibilities than a general dentist, including performing surgical procedures and implementing orthodontic treatment.

2. Prosthodontist

Prosthodontics, or dental prosthetics, involves a high amount of responsibility - and is well-paid. This specialty focuses on missing teeth and restorations, and, as implants are becoming more and more common, it is in high demand. Prosthodontists also correct deformities in the mouth and jaw, treat people having bite troubles, and those who don’t like how their teeth look.

To specialize in dental prosthetics, you’ll have to complete three years of postgraduate studies in addition to a dental degree. However, it shouldn’t trouble you, as you will never have problems finding a job.

3. Orthodontist

Orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth and dealing with bite disorders. These are the people installing the braces and making everybody happier with their smile. They also work with advanced computer technologies - and this will never be boring. Cosmetic dentistry is also on the rise these days, so you’ll always be in demand.


Specializing in orthodontics requires an additional 2 to 3-year long training, which, however, shouldn’t frighten you. Everybody dreams of straight teeth - so it’s safe to say that as a prosthodontist, you’ll always have money.

4. Endodontist

Specializing in preventive care as an endodontist, you’ll save people’s teeth. You’ll focus on treating the dental pulp, injured and infected teeth, and use cutting-edge technology. People will come with root canal issues to you, referred from general dentists.

It will take you an additional 2 to 3 years of training, which will be absolutely worth it. No matter if you have a private practice or work for corporate care, you’ll always have job security and options.

5. Oral Surgeon

Surgeries you’ll perform as an oral surgeon varies from relatively simple, such as pulling out teeth, to complex ones, like oral cancer surgeries. Or, if you go into dental cosmetology, you’ll be able to do even facelifts. This is one of the most innovative dental specialties out there, so if you’re interested in gaining new experience and working independently, this is your career path.

It’s not an easy field to get into - you’ll be required to complete 4 to 6 years of additional training, and there are certification and recertifications after that. However, the salary is absolutely worth it - surgeons are the highest-paid specialists in dentistry.

To Sum Up

The dental industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities. It’s one of the fastest-growing fields, which will always be in high demand. Don’t be afraid of the long years of training and all the possible exams. Most dentists enjoy their work and find it rewarding And, as an addition to doing what you like, you will never face financial issues.



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