6 Signs of Aging You Can Combat

October 26, 2020

6 Signs of Aging You Can Combat
6 Signs of Aging You Can Combat

It's never fun to acknowledge changes in your body and in your appearance, especially if those changes mean you're getting older. While it can mean a change in routine, it doesn't have to be a negative thing, after all. What matters most is staying healthy while combating any obvious signs of aging.

So, what might be the signs?

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is more likely as you age due to receding gums, causing cavities or the increased build-up of bacteria if suffering from dry mouth. There are many other teeth issues you can begin to experience the older you get, which is why regular visits to the dentist are a must. There are many cosmetic treatments you can find to improve your smile, as well as combat tooth decay directly with proper treatment.

2. Changes in Vision

It's natural for your vision to change over time, and as you become older, you may struggle to see things as clearly as you once did. It's imperative to regularly see your optometrist to make sure your vision is always cared for. Despite your changing needs, you can always find comfortable contacts or stylish glasses to have you feeling young, no matter your vision.

3. Dry Skin

As your skin ages, it may lose its natural oil and moisture, resulting in issues of dry skin. Finding a good moisturizer is critical for having your skin always feel supple and maintaining a healthy intake of water daily to stay hydrated.

4. Varicose Veins

The risk of developing varicose veins increases with age due to general wear and tear. Varicose veins, spider veins, and any other issues with veins being seen on the skin's surface or bulging in an unsightly way can cause self-confidence issues and discomfort. Nevertheless, there is a way to treat unsightly veins, such as speaking with vein specialists who can offer vein treatment to eliminate any visible issues, like NY Metro Vein.

5. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging — unfortunately — but that doesn't mean that you can't take good steps to prevent them. Be sure to always protect your skin against harmful UV rays, and find a good moisturizer and skin treatment, preferably with retinol, to help your skin remain supple. Also, be sure to ditch any bad habits, such as an unhealthy diet or smoking.

6. Change in Hair

Your hair may become more brittle, or you may be finding more grey hairs. To accomplish a more consistent look, either embrace grey altogether, swap your locks for a sleek silver, or use the right hair dye colors to suit your personality. Take care of your hair by washing regularly and avoiding any excess damage with heat products.

Pores may become more visible with aging and keeping pores clean is key. Be sure to wash and cleanse your face thoroughly and remove any makeup daily to ensure pores can breathe and remain unobstructed with dirt and oil build-up.

To combat signs of aging, all it takes is an adjustment of routine and to ensure that you're following advice from any professionals, such as your doctor or dentist.


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