7 Amazing Trends That Will Soon Become Normal In The Dental Industry

January 29, 2021

7 Amazing Trends That Will Soon Become Normal In The Dental Industry
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If you’ve ever wondered about where the dentistry industry is headed, this article is for you. Lately, we’ve been noticing a lot of trends surfacing all over the place. You see everything from veneers and teeth whitening, to orthodontic trends that aesthetically improve the jawline area. Which of these are temporary and which are here to stay? That’s what we were interested in finding out.


1. Laser Technology

What if you were told that there is a less painful way to detect cavities other than having a dental instrument probe your teeth? While lasers can’t do all that manual instruments can, they still are capable of carrying out an impressive number of procedures starting with detecting cavities and all the way to removing benign tumors without suturing after. With the only potential risk being a human error, lasers come with a load of benefits that are sure to keep it around for a long while. The technology makes anesthesia redundant when it comes to a large number of procedures while minimizing bleeding and tissue healing time.

2. The Cloud

More and more clinics have been switching to dental practice management software in order to organize appointments, client data, hours, and more. You might think that, as a patient, you won’t experience the benefits of such a trend firsthand, but you’re gravely mistaken. If a dentist can access their patients’ files via the cloud, from anywhere in the world (vacation or not) they can help out a patient in case of emergency, as opposed to the patient having to wait until their dentist gets access to the files stored on the clinic computer. Aside from the fact that cloud-based software can nullify the need for paper in a dental practice, it promotes order by keeping a synchronized calendar and sending out automated reminders for the patients.

3. Environment-Friendly Products

Over the past while, people have been gaining more awareness regarding what has been happening to our environment. More than ever, a lot of people have been taking interest in green products, clean living, and reducing carbon footprints. Likewise, dental care facilities have also been working on switching to environmentally-friendly substitutes for their cleaning products and sterilization procedures.


4. Invisalign

Braces are the bane of every teenager looking to get their teeth fixed, but not anymore. There has been another process on the rise, particularly in Australia. Invisalign are transparent molds or trays that fit comfortably on one’s teeth and can be taken off at the user’s will. According to one Melbourne dentist clinic, the teeth mold should be changed every two weeks until the correction is complete. Until then, you can see the anticipated final results through a simulator. Among the notable benefits, there is the fact that you only need to wear the mold for 22 hours every day. So, while eating or drinking, you get to be mold-free.

5. Video Content

When going for an operation, there’s no doubt that you want to know what you’re walking into. For some, the internet is where they go for information, though that can be quite misleading. Others simply ask their dentist before they get to work. Another trend that has been circulating is video content that explains procedures and techniques. Whether on a clinic’s Youtube channel, website, or waiting room, videos can help give patients the information they need.

6. 3D Printing


This method of printing has been around for a long time, though it was only recently that it made its way into dentistry. If you don’t know what 3D printing is, it’s where the material is melted and used to build a custom design layer by layer. In dentistry, the technology has a lot of uses which include printing study models, orthodontics, guards, temporary crowns, and so much more. To give you a picture of the technology’s benefits, consider the time it takes to get a temporary crown fitted. While it takes more than a day to get a traditional crown, a 3D printed crown can be produced on the same day with a high level of accuracy, free of human error.

7. Social Media Marketing

Dentists have been and will continue to make their way to social media platforms. Whether it’s through useful blog articles, videos, or posts, dental clinics are dedicating a lot of their effort to get with the times and go where the people are. The best thing about this is that you get to know a lot of information about the clinic you’re trusting with your health and about the procedures you’ll be having. Needless to say, as long as social media develops, how it’s used by dental clinics will develop, as well.


Ultimately, there is no telling what the future will bring, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. In this case, it’s not much speculation as it is a well-studied deduction process. As you may have noticed, there’s a pattern in the trends that are making their way into permanency. On one hand, dentistry techniques and procedures are shifting more towards electronics and computer-aided designs. On the other hand, many clinics are also investing in upgrading their management and marketing strategies.


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