7 Tips to Boost Your Modern Dental Practice Website

July 18, 2021

7 Tips to Boost Your Modern Dental Practice Website
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A modern competitive dental market requires a modern website. In today’s world, digital marketing has been growing leaps and bounds, no matter the niche you’re into. Having a well-functioning website is a must for businesses and brands to make a stand in their respective industry. Building a modern dental website is not an easy task but it is not impossible.


Companies and clinicians spend a lot of time and money in establishing a strong online presence. Having a website that is clean, clear, and appealing can help your business attract traffic and also help you rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Studies have shown that over 90% of people reject websites because of the web design. Whether the font is unreadable or the website structure is confusing, there are several reasons why a user will leave your site within seconds.


Today, we will discuss 6 tips in designing a modern dental practice website that will boost your business by increasing conversions.


Know your audience

The most important component in your website design strategy is to understand the needs of your audience. Your patients and prospective patients are likely to visit your website before they schedule an appointment.


Understanding what makes you unique, why your prospects should choose you, the benefits of consulting with you, etc are just some of the factors that will help your dental practice be more attractive to your prospects.


Mobile Optimization

Keep in mind that mobile optimization is not an option. Search engines have made it very evident that modern websites need to have a mobile-friendly website. Your mobile-friendly website must be responsive and user-friendly if you want to have an edge over your competitors.


People across the world have direct access to the internet through their smart devices. Having a website optimized to work efficiently on different smart devices is a must so that users can seamlessly scroll through the website. Website speed, website navigation, and readability are some of the most important aspects of mobile optimization.


Web Hosting Provider

A modern website requires an excellent web hosting provider that will ensure your patients have access to your website throughout the day. A good hosting service will offer many benefits such as security, more uptime, less downtime, website speed, some provide excellent web designs, and are SEO-friendly. Excellent hosting services are equipped with the latest updates and development in the market which ensures your website functions efficiently and smoothly. If you have a tight budget for a web hosting provider, Hostpapa is quite affordable that gives you real value for your money for your dental practice website.


User Experience

One of the most crucial factors in any online marketing strategy is to have a positive user experience. This means that your dental practice website must have a well-established design and structure. Users should be confused when visiting your site.


Having a site map will help your users navigate your pages smoothly and learn more about your business. Bringing people to your page is one thing, keeping there is another. To do that you must focus on tiny details that will keep them on your pages.


For instance, using third-party videos, high-quality videos, readable font and so on. Remember, website color can become your identity, so feel free to custom design your logo and use similar colors for your site.



When a customer or prospect visits your website, they should be able to find everything they need without digging through your site. For instance, strategically placing CTAs throughout your site will help your patients interact with your office easily.


Making sure that your contact information is evident will allow you to engage with your prospects efficiently. You can even set up forms to gather your prospect’s information, schedule appointments, or even leave a review.


Calls to actions are essential in modern websites as it allows you to get in touch with your audience. You can even have a sign-up for newsletter option so that you can regularly update offers, blogs, and your dental practice.


Fresh Content

Content such as short videos, testimonials, blogs, pictures, etc is compelling and attractive when it comes to dental marketing. Featuring fresh content on your page will make your modern website engaging, creative, and useful to your readers.


It also encourages them to understand your dental practice. Your images and videos will get your prospects to take action on your page and connect with you. You can even share images of your office, staff, and some essential equipment to make your dental practice satisfying.


You can even use this opportunity to optimize SEO through your blogs which will help you attract traffic and build a strong online presence. Creating informational blogs, dental hygiene tips, dental product reviews, and so much more can add value to your website.


Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to attract people to their website. It allows dentists to connect and engage with their audience directly through comments, stories, and direct messages.


Linking your social platforms to your website is a great way to build loyalty with your clients. Your social media activity will make your dental practice more trustworthy and relevant which will boost credibility online.


No matter the niche, you need to put time and effort to make your business successful. Use these tips to design a well-functioning modern dental practice website.


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