8 Surprising Superpowers Your Dentist Has

February 03, 2024

8 Surprising Superpowers Your Dentist Has
8 Surprising Superpowers Your Dentist Has

As any doctor, a dentist has a superpower to make you feel better and take away the pain. However, there is much more superhero potential in namely dentists than other healthcare specialists. With all their cool gizmos and the strange field they navigate, it is not surprising that your dentist knows more and can do more than you can imagine.


Why Dentists Are As Scary As They Are Awesome

Dentists can be perceived as scary due to the fear of drills, unknown outcomes during examinations, and past negative experiences. The sterile environment and a sense of limited control in the dental chair contribute to anxiety. However, dentists are undeniably awesome as oral health superheroes, emphasizing preventive care, and employing pain management techniques.

8 Abilities That Make Dentists Superheroes

And we are not listing those to make you less scared of the dental office - we are encouraging you to visit it as if it’s the Batcave next time.

1. X-Ray Vision

Your dentist possesses a form of X-ray vision that allows them to see beyond the surface of your teeth. X-rays help reveal issues like cavities, impacted teeth, or jawbone problems that might not be immediately apparent during a visual examination.

2. Tooth Whispering

Doctor Strange might as well have been a dentist because dentists are adept at deciphering the mysteries of your oral health. They can interpret your teeth' signals, such as signs of grinding, clenching, or even issues related to your overall health, like vitamin deficiencies or diabetes.

3. Time Manipulation

Dentists are masters of time manipulation, ensuring they make the most of every appointment. From routine cleanings to complex procedures, they manage their schedule effectively, minimizing wait times and maximizing patient care.

4. Pain-Free Palate

Dentists have a unique ability to administer local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. Their precise application of numbing agents ensures you experience as little pain as possible during dental procedures, making your visit more comfortable.

5. Scaling Superpower

Armed with scalers and other dental tools, dentists can vanquish the enemies of your oral health – tartar and plaque. Their scaling superpower keeps your teeth clean and helps prevent gum disease and cavities.

6. Cavity Time-Travel

Through their expertise, dentists can provide you with a glimpse into the future without cavities. By identifying early signs of decay and offering preventive measures, they can help you avoid more significant dental issues down the road.

7. Enamel Enhancement

Dentists can boost the natural defenses of your teeth. Treatments like fluoride application strengthen enamel, making your teeth more decay-resistant. It's like giving your teeth a suit of armor against the forces of oral villains.

8. Mouth Mind-Reading

Your dentist has a unique ability to read between the lines of your oral health habits. They can understand your brushing, flossing, and dietary habits by asking the right questions and observing your teeth.


Not to make you self-conscious, but your dentist can even tell a lot about your intimate life. If you gave head recently, they will see a typical round bruise on the back of your throat - wink-wink. Of course, they won’t be able to tell what type of clit vibrator you use or how many types a day you pick it up. Still, if you masturbate regularly, your dentist will applaud you on your enamel quality - because regular orgasms promote calcium production.

The Dentists: Endgame

Your dentist possesses a range of surprising superpowers that go beyond their clinical skills. From X-ray vision to time manipulation, these abilities contribute to maintaining your oral health and ensuring that your dental visits are as comfortable and efficient as possible. So, the next time you sit in the dentist's chair, appreciate the extraordinary superpowers at work to keep your smile healthy and bright.


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