Are those who have dental treatment in Turkey satisfied with the results?

May 12, 2024

Are those who have dental treatment in Turkey satisfied with the results?
Are those who have dental treatment in Turkey satisfied with the results?

Dental aesthetics and oral health are among the factors that greatly affect human life. Correct and specialized dental procedures significantly improve the quality of life of people. For this, the right clinic and dentist preference are very important. People who need dental treatment have started looking for alternatives for a quality treatment at an affordable price due to the increase in prices. Recently, Turkey has risen to the first place among the popular destinations for dental treatment. The fact that prices are cheap compared to European countries, the provision of quality education in the field of dentistry and, as a result, the training of good dentists, the increase in the number of modern, large and technologically equipped clinics are some of the reasons why patients from many countries choose Turkey for dental treatment. So, are those who have dental treatment in Turkey satisfied with the result?

In order to answer this question, although there are many variables such as patient expectations, clinic quality and conditions, physician experience, most of the patients who prefer Turkey for dental treatments express that they are satisfied with the service they receive.


One of the biggest reasons for this satisfaction is of course the affordable prices. Especially compared to American and European countries, the fact that prices are almost 70% lower is one of the reasons why they are preferred. For example, in the UK, treatment costs range from £23,000 to £30,000 for a one jaw, while Turkish clinics offer the same procedure at prices starting from only £1,800, with an average cost of between £3,200 and £6,000. However, it is very important to emphasize that such affordability does not mean compromising on quality. Turkish clinics give priority to invariable quality by using first-class materials and employing highly qualified dentists who comply with the strictest international standards.


Dentists working in dental clinics in Turkey have received a very good education and have been trained to be prepared for any situation. Thanks to the quality education provided at the dentistry faculties and the business discipline acquired, dentists working in Turkish clinics have the ability to solve many complex cases with expertise. In addition, the education they receive is an accepted education abroad. For this reason, the vast majority of dentists either have professional certificates in European countries or have completed their postgraduate education in European countries.


In addition, clinics in Turkey provide modern dentistry services. They closely follow the technological developments in the field of dentistry and are able to adapt quickly to this process. Compared to many European countries, dental clinics in Turkey provide a more sterile and more technological dentistry service to their patients. All of the treatments are followed up digitally and it offers painless treatment options in a short time. For example, Dentafly Dental Clinic has made this process an almost completely painless process by offering general anesthesia options to its patients in addition to all these digital dentistry procedures. Many patients who have serious fears about dental treatments have had healthy teeth without pain and without anxiety with the option of general anesthesia at Dentafly Dental Clinic.


There are many treatment options available in clinics in Turkey, such as dental implants, root canal treatments and aesthetic dental treatments. However, more complex treatments such as zygomatic dental implants are also performed by specialist physicians. In addition, skilled and experienced maxillofacial surgeons also successfully perform operations on thousands of patients every year. This is one of the biggest reasons why many patients abroad prefer Turkey and are satisfied with the results.  For these reasons, dentists in Turkey encounter more patients than many dentists in Europe and perform different treatment procedures. The biggest factor in their gaining experience is that they see too many cases.


Along with these, it covers the implants and crowns used in many clinical treatments in Turkey under warranty. While Dentafly Dental Clinic offers a lifetime warranty for the implants it uses in the treatment of its patients, it offers an 8-year warranty opportunity for the crowns used in the treatment of smile aesthetics. Such patients start their treatment without worrying about the aftercare process.


Thousands of people apply to Dentafly for dental treatments every year due to Dentafly's patient-oriented approach, its clinic equipped with modern technology and a large team of specialists in their fields. Dentafly Dental Clinic, which serves many patients due to its wide range of treatments, continues to stay in touch with its patients during and after treatment, which explains the high number of satisfied patients from the clinic.


Dentafly Dental Clinic, which has a large team that guides you from the treatment decision process to the next treatment process and makes you feel at home, is located in Antalya, the capital of health tourism in Turkey. One of the advantages of its geographical location is that it allows patients who have started the treatment process to spend this process in a holiday mood by providing luxury hotel accommodation. Patients can eat as they wish while their treatment continues, and they can have their holidays on the magnificent beaches of Antalya. Thus, they can complete this process without worrying about dental treatment at all. As a result, dental treatments performed by specialists, far from anxiety, also bring satisfaction.


To get more information about Dentafly Dental Clinic and to create an appointment, you can visit the official website of Dentafly Dental Clinic or contact the Dentafly patient coordinators directly via the contact number.

Phone: +44 7888 013443


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