Dawson B Splint

January 16, 2016

Dawson B Splint
Dawson occlusal B-splint reduces muscle tension and repositions the mandibular condyle in the TMJ
The Dawson B Splint is a muscle relaxing deprogrammer for TMJ. It releases the stress from the facial muscles the repositions the condyle in the TM fossa.

The Dawson B-Splint is an anterior midpoint contact permissive splint that is available for the upper teeth. Sometimes referred to as a muscle deprogrammer, it is useful for quick harmonization of muscular disorders related to the joint between the upper teeth and the skull (TMJ). It helps to minimize grinding and clenching symptoms and is also fitted after orthodontic treatment. Being thin, this appliance is comfortable to wear and does not cause irritation to the patients. This splint is based on the same premise as the NTI-tss wherein contact between the upper and lower back teeth is prevented to reduce the force of clenching on the muscles.


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