Dental clinic interior design tips

August 26, 2021

Dental clinic interior design tips
Dental surgery design and interior

Basic requirements for a dental office:

• a well-traversed place - ideally a densely populated area, the central districts of the city, a place of transport interchange;

• convenient location - clearly visible from the side of the road and pedestrian part of the street, best of all in an office or residential building on the 1-2 floor;

• documents confirming the form of ownership - the purchase of premises is more profitable and safe, since the terms of the lease may change;

• compliance of the technical condition of the premises with sanitary standards;

• availability and correct placement of communications (water, sewerage, power supplies, lighting, etc.), Internet connection.

When looking for a room where the workplaces of dentists will be located directly, it is worth considering the requirements that are imposed on such clinics by regulatory organizations. It is also necessary to take into account that the location of the premises has an important role in the total number of people wishing to use the services. Despite a wide advertising campaign and marketing moves, disadvantageous location can be a factor that will scare away potential customers. In this regard, the location of the future clinic should be in an area where a large number of people are concentrated. Moreover, it can be both sleeping areas and those that are located among other offices. A good neighborhood is considered to be the location of an office next to centers that also provide medical services, but at the same time, they (services) should not overlap.


According to requirements, the minimum area of a dental office is 14 m2 per chair. Considering that, in addition to the doctor's office, there should also be a hall, a bathroom, a utility room for staff, an X-ray room, the total area of mini dentistry will be approximately 30 m2. The size and layout of the room depends on how many specialists will be receiving at the same time.


Necessary equipment for a dental office


The next step in step-by-step planning will be the purchase of the necessary equipment. This expense item is the most costly, but in order to provide better services, it is necessary to install equipment that will allow for high-quality treatment. You can buy both new and used equipment, but at the same time it is worth paying attention to its performance - it will not be superfluous to seek advice from a specialist in such devices so that he can evaluate them. In addition, even for such equipment, it will be necessary to have documents, since the regulatory authorities have the right to check them and, in the absence of papers, may not give a work permit.

There is a basic list of equipment necessary for patient comfort and the organization of the doctor's work.

We have included them in the list of necessary equipment for a dental office for 1-3 chairs:

• furniture for offices and for the waiting area(you can go for this to

• dental unit (patient chair, light source, doctor's work equipment);

• apparatus for sterilizing instruments;

• diagnostic equipment (stationary or portable X-ray machine);

• several sets of dental instruments;

• dental handpieces for different types of work (quantity with a stock).

In addition to modern technology, it is necessary to purchase high-quality filling materials and bonding systems, anesthetics, medicines, consumables, etc.

Clinic equipment

If you are planning to open dentistry with a full range of services, with your own dental laboratory, then a few more positions will be added to the basic list. These are digital diagnostic equipment (3D dental scanner), equipment for the manufacture of orthopedic structures (dental milling cutter). Dental, osteoplastic, and impression materials will be added to the list of material support.


Dental equipment, like dental materials, must meet the standards of modern dentistry, high-quality standards. When choosing technical equipment, tools, or materials for teeth filling, one should not be guided by the principle of economy. This is not just an item costs, but a way of achieving a high result of the dentist's work and, ultimately, the success of your commercial project.

The main criteria for choosing dental equipment:

• availability of a certificate of conformity;
• manufacturer's warranty;
• quality;
• ease of use;
• proven product performance and reliability.


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