Dental Facts That Might Interest You

June 16, 2020

Dental Facts That Might Interest You
Dental Facts That Might Interest You

Dental health is important because a healthy mouth can lower your risk of getting certain serious medical disorders. The reason behind this is that your mouth is the gateway to your digestive tract, and even to your respiratory system. Without proper oral hygiene, the bacteria that builds up in your mouth can reach these parts of your body, and lead to more serious illness.

But generally, good oral health will help you steer clear of oral infections such as tooth decay and gum diseases. For this reason, make sure that not only should you brush and floss regularly, but visit your dentist too. Having a family dentist that you can rely on is not a bad idea. Locals in Virginia opt for a family dentistry lansdowne va with dental practitioners who boast of a professional but caring attitude. In this way, you and your kids won’t be wary of a visit to the dentist, but rather, even look forward to these visits.

Dentists can help you in maintaining your oral health and they can provide valuable information too. Aside from the ideas about your oral hygiene that your dentists share with you, below are some other dental facts that might interest you.


Brushing and Flossing

Did you know that a regular toothbrush has around 2500 bristles? Another fun fact is that the first toothbrush that used bristles made from hogs, horses, and badgers was created in China in 1498. On the other hand, the first dental floss was made from silk and it was created in 1882. Statistics show that 28% of the population claims that they floss every day and that over three million miles of dental floss are sold annually.

General Facts

● Smile

It is interesting to know that women smile more than men with women smiling at an average of 62 times a day and men, well, just eight times a day on the average. In doing so, it takes only 17 of your facial muscles to turn your lips up, while you need to work out 43 facial muscles to frown.

● Oral Health

If cold is the most common disease, tooth decay fills the second spot. Another fact is that 85% of people who have bad breath have an underlying dental condition. Lastly, there are studies that show that 75% of school children have dental cavities.

● Weird Facts

People have a unique set of fingerprints, but at the same time, did you know that people also have a unique tongue print? In fact, when you are born, the only developed organ in your body is your tongue, but your teeth begin to form even before you are born. One more weird fact is that there is more bacteria in your mouth than the number of people on the planet.


To wrap things up, you may be surprised to know a lot of interesting dental facts about brushing, flossing, the stuff that affects your smile, as well as general facts and those weird facts too. But the important thing is that now that you are more informed about your oral health, exert the extra effort to maintain it. In this way, you will be able to flash your most amazing smile.



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