Gum bleaching

September 20, 2014

Gum bleaching
Gum Depigmentation
Gum Lightening
Gum whitening is a trendy dental procedure that lightens your gums.

A beautiful smile with shining white teeth can be very attractive, but sometimes it is marred with dark or black gums. Gum bleaching or depigmentation is a very simple and painless procedure which makes your gums pink again. Dark gums are perfectly healthy gums that have excessive deposits of melanin. This is simply due to genetics, some medicines or due to metallic fillings. Though these factors are beyond their control, sufferers are often too embarrassed by their dark gums and don't smile fully. For those whose gums are noticeably visible when they smile, this can be especially unsightly. Also known as gum lightening, this is requested exclusively for aesthetic reasons.


Gum Depigmentation Procedure

Earlier painful surgery was the only method for depigmentation, but it has now been replaced by non-surgical methods that have considerably reduced patient discomfort as well as recovery time. Gum pigmentation is found only on the outer surface and can easily be treated. Gum lightening is a simple laser treatment in which darkened cells are removed revealing pink gums. Another common method is chemical bleaching. The line of treatment depends on the dentist’s preference and expertise. In some cases only spot treatments may be required while treatment of total gums in the case of extensive pigmentation may become necessary. A local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort for the patient.

The best part is that you have immediate results and you can go home with pink gums in just a single sitting of one hour. It is only in rare cases that another sitting may be required. Among the various cosmetic treatments offered by dentists, this offers long lasting satisfaction to patients.



The recovery time with laser depigmentation is minimal. Other than increased sensitivity for sometime there should be no remarkable pain and you can go about your daily routine as always. Normally, there are no complications and any itching during healing should subside within a week.



Though this is a safe and effective method for removing excess gum pigmentation, it cannot be conducted in the following cases.

- Gum bleaching cannot be carried out if there is any kind of dental disease. It is necessary to treat any dental conditions before attempting gum bleaching.

- It is not feasible in the case of tooth roots being exposed due to gum recession.

- Patients with gum tissue that are too thin are also not appropriate for this (thin biotype gingiva)



Smoking is a contributing factor for gum pigmentation, so it is better to avoid smoking in the long run. A touch up session may be required later on, if you continue to smoke. Other than this, no special precautions are required and you can brush and floss your teeth as normal.

Gum bleaching can do wonders for your self esteem. You can transform your smile and appearance with just one sitting with your dentist. In itself dark gums do not need intervention except for cosmetic reasons. However it can have a powerful effect on you, making you more confident in social interactions.


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