Home remedies for gum disease

January 29, 2017

Home remedies for gum disease
Home remedies for gum disease
Stages of gum disease
Difference between gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease).
How gum disease looks compared with healthy gums
Gum disease is a very common dental problem, but most people avoid a visit to the dentist till it reaches an advanced stage. Several home remedies exist for gum disease that can help you in your quest to keep your gums healthy and minimize the need for professional care. Symptoms like swollen gums, bleeding, tenderness or pain while eating, sensitivity to hot or cold food indicate the beginning of gingivitis. Including some of the following home care steps in your dental hygiene regime can be of great help in reducing gum disease.
  1. Most people are aware of the importance of brushing and flossing daily, but they overlook another important part of the oral cavity, i.e., the tongue. Bacteria tend to stick on the tongue’s surface and need to be removed daily.
  2. Another easy home remedy is to massage your gums after brushing your teeth. The increased blood circulation due to the massage makes your gums stronger and less prone to bleeding and inflammation.
  3. You can bring down the swelling caused by gingivitis by rinsing your mouth with a solution of salt in warm water. However this should not be used as a part of daily care as frequent use can damage teeth.
  4. A 3% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is another effective home remedy that destroys the bacteria responsible for gum disease. But remember this solution should never be swallowed.
  5. Baking soda paste can be rubbed on the teeth. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to neutralize the acids that are responsible for gum disease. But this method should be used sparingly.
  6. Another option is to rub turmeric paste on the gums and teeth. Curcumin is a potent anti-viral, antibacterial substance found in turmeric. The paste can be made from 1 tsp of turmeric with ½ tsp of salt in ½ tsp of edible oil. Apply twice daily for early relief.
  7. Similarly honey with its known anti-bacterial properties can be applied directly on the affected area after brushing teeth. On the other hand, honey contains fructose and glucose and therefore may be dangerous. Best advice is to subbstitute sugar with honey!
  8.  Clove oil has been long used to relieve toothache and healing infection in the gums.
  9. Mint is another strong germicidal that prevents the growth of bacteria. One can either chew mint leaves or gargle with water that contains mint oil. 
Besides these easy to use home care remedies for gum disease, there are several natural substances that can be taken to cure gum infection. 
  1. The antioxidant properties of green tea are well-known.
  2. CoQ10 is a co-enzyme similar to a vitamin which assists in fighting infection in the oral cavity.
  3. Intake of Vitamin D either by sunlight or through food like salmon, whole eggs and cod liver oil helps in speedy recovery. It works by inhibiting the inflammatory response.
  4. Eating cranberries are another natural remedy that can check gum disease. Unsweetened cranberries do not let bacteria stick to the surface of the teeth.
  5. Bleeding gums can also be caused by Vitamin C deficiency, therefore it is important to include vitamin C rich foods in your diet for healthy gums. It is also an antioxidant that hastens bone regeneration as well as repairing of connective tissue.
  6. Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica extracts, are known to have antimicrobial properties. It not only treats gum disease but also prevents development of infection in the first place. 


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Very well said. I am also sharing some more home remedies that help in treating gum diseases. 1) Oil Pulling 2) Sage Leaf Decoction 3) Garlic and Turmeric Paste 4) Neem 5) Mustard Oil 6) Aloe Vera Gel 7) Eat mre fruits and vegetables

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