How can a dentist attract more patients by developing a personal TikTok account?

July 26, 2022

How can a dentist attract more patients by developing a personal TikTok account?
How can a dentist attract more patients by developing a personal TikTok account?

Medicine is an industry in which the human factor is very important. A recognizable, reputable doctor has a line of patients scheduled months in advance. He can boldly implement professional plans, choose a convenient schedule and enjoy a lot of privileges in the workplace. In this article, we will look at how to develop a personal brand to make more money and grow your business.


In dentistry, video content is best perceived, so TikTok is an effective platform for developing a personal brand.

Evaluate your competencies and select a niche. For example, a specialist in implantation, a master of fillings, work with children's teeth, or VIP clients. This will be the main idea around which you can build an advertising strategy.

Competently design your profile. Choose your photo as an avatar, a nickname that sounds simple and professional, write your positioning, so that it's clear from the first second who you are, what you do, and what your strengths are. It's effective to provide a link that directs the visitor to your site or other resources that help dive deeper into the specifics of your work. At the start, it's important to buy followers on TikTok to form initial activity and create a trusted first impression.

Identify your target audience. Analyze your current and past clients: what their income and social status are, what they have in common, etc. Identifying your target audience is very important because the content will focus on their interests, pains, and needs. If you install expensive veneers for a perfect smile, the blog can focus on aesthetics, show the results of the work, remove fears before the procedure, and talk about its benefits.

Upgrade and demonstrate expertise. In dentistry, new technologies, new treatment techniques, and new terms appear regularly. Don't stop developing, attend dental courses, conferences, and seminars. By choosing a narrow area of expertise, you can easily surpass other doctors and even invent something new. On your blog, talk about your research, victories, and achievements.

Do reviews of brushes, create tips on how to brush your teeth, descriptions of treatments in plain language, and tips for keeping your teeth healthy at home. Add procedure inserts and subtitles to the video. To increase the value of your content, use the social proof trigger and regularly buy TikTok followers, likes, comments, and other involvement metrics. This creates a mass effect and triggers a process of organic scaling of the account.

Organize a steady stream of customer traffic. Offer opinion leaders to collaborate on favorable terms, such as paid advertising or barter. Team up with doctors from other specialties. For example, a therapist refers patients to a certain surgeon, a periodontist if necessary and vice versa. In blogs, you can link to each other and do mutual advertising.

To sum up, creating and developing a professional brand is an investment in the future that allows the dentist to become known among colleagues and patients, stand out in a narrow niche and form a huge client base, which can be constantly monetized.


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