How Long Does Invisalign Straightening Take?

October 04, 2021

How Long Does Invisalign Straightening Take?
How Long Does Invisalign Straightening Take?

Are you considering getting Invisalign braces?
Crooked or cracked teeth can come in the way of self-esteem and confidence. Traditional braces have been the favored method of teeth straightening for the longest time. It has also served the purpose of many teeth alignment.

However, a new and effective option you can now consider is Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are almost imperceptible when worn, but they deliver excellent treatment with predictable, long-term effects. Indeed, due to the all-around force of the aligners across the entire tooth, Invisalign may be even more effective than braces in some circumstances. In this post, we focus on answering the question: how long does Invisalign straightening take?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a new type of teeth aligner. Its principal function is to shift crowded teeth into proper alignment. The difference between Invisalign and other teeth alignment mediums like braces is that Instead of using brackets and wires like metal and ceramic braces do, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays made of acrylic.

If you meet the right specialist, the aligner can be made custom-fit for your mouth. You could check out Mehta Orthodontics if you're looking for the best orthodontist for Invisalign. Invisalign needs to be tightened very often. This way, they can move crowded teeth gradually till the end goal is achieved.

What is the Time Frame for Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Just as the crooks and cracks on individuals' teeth differ, the length of time it takes for each individual's teeth to align vary as well. On a general note, the average time that it takes to straighten teeth using Invisalign is 12 months. Some might require 2 to 3 months of wearing the aligners. Others require more than a year or two. The point here is, it is a highly personalized process. You may need more or less time depending on some factors. The time variation could be as a result of:

1. Crowded Teeth

Of one the most significant factors is the severity of the crowded teeth. For mild crowding of teeth, correction can take up to 6 months. In the case of severely crowded teeth, you might have to keep replacing them until your teeth are correctly aligned.

2. Gap in Teeth

If the gaps between your teeth are narrow, it will take less time for the Invisalign to align your teeth. If, however, you have wider tooth gaps, it'll take a longer time. The time duration for those with shorter intervals between their teeth can be as little as eight weeks.

3. Severe Alignment Issues

Some teeth and jaw issues may require that your dentist take a more in-depth approach. Otherwise, you may not get the proper teeth alignment that you desire. Things can be even more tricky if you have any form of gum issue. However, with the appropriate care, you'll get your desired dentition.

4. Age Range

Although the difference in the length of time for teeth alignment according to age range is not very significant, treatment takes a longer time in teenagers than it does in adults. This is because teenagers tend to wear their Invisalign a lot less than adults. Their forgetfulness can come in the way of faster healing.


Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign aligner trays take lesser time to achieve their purpose. Traditional braces take up to 2 to 3 years for teeth alignment. They might also be lacking in benefits such as better oral hygiene, more comfort and convenience, less pain, inconspicuousness, and more personalized treatment. Irrespective of the time frame, Invisalign can help elevate your smile and overall appearance. It would be a great move to invest in it.


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