How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Dental Practice

June 30, 2014

How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Dental Practice
How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Social media, specifically Facebook, makes it easier for dental practitioners to market themselves to the world. Many business professionals now use the social media platform to engage, interact and establish what their clients and potential client want. Furthermore, research shows that social media reviews can boost your sales and increase the number of your patients as long as the positives outweigh the negatives.

But how do you get more Facebook reviews for your dental practice? That's a question you might want to ask if you're serious about marketing your dental business.

Well, there are a number of ways to benefit from social media reviews on Facebook. The insights we're giving will go a long way into helping you get those reviews. So here we go:

1. Hire a professional copywriter
It might seem expensive to have a professional copywriter do the work for you. But it's going to pay in the long run. The work of the copywriter is to compose emails for you to send to your audience. They can also provide a blurb for your Facebook page, inviting individuals to become fans of your page.

2. Your social media logo
It is very important that people identify you with your Facebook logo. In order to enjoy the benefits of a personalized logo, just put it in plain view for everyone to see it. Special links must also be in plain view for people to click and even review what they think about your services. It's the best way to market on social media these days.

3. Facebook link on email signature
Chances are that you're going to send emails to prospects since they'll want more information after seeing you on social media. And when you send out those bulk emails, be sure to include your Facebook link in the email signature area. It's important because someone will read and will most likely want to connect with you on social media.

4. Host a contest on social media
It works well if you have something to give in return when someone likes your page. If you don't have a huge following on Facebook, just run a paid ad on Facebook, with information on how to participate in the contest. As long as you're rewarding, people can always like and comment on what they think about you. It boosts your social media engagement as well.

5. The laptop trick
We have seen some businesses use weird ways of getting people to write reviews on their social media sites. We thought it's a good idea, and anyone can make a killing with it. Just set up a free laptop in your lobby. The laptop is specifically meant to let people sign in to their Facebook account and like your page. You could set it in such a way that it only accesses Facebook and your site, nothing else.

Facebook reviews is the way to go for those who want success in business, not just in the dental profession alone. Furthermore, most people look for reviews before buying anything from you. The more reviews you have, the more confident a client will feel when they are doing business with you for the first time.


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