How To Get Rid Of Tooth Nerve Pain Fast

July 08, 2020

How To Get Rid Of Tooth Nerve Pain Fast
How To Get Rid Of Tooth Nerve Pain Fast

Let's admit it, there's almost nothing more unpleasant than a crippling toothache. It can come on without warning and knock you off your feet. Have you ever experienced a sharp, stabbing pain or ache that radiates from your teeth for several seconds, then it's gone and comes back again? It's probably a tooth nerve pain. If your tooth nerve is exposed, certain food and beverages are likely to inflict discomfort. Although a few seconds of tooth sensitivity is usually not an emergency situation, you should see a dentist and figure out the cause.

Causes of Tooth Nerve Pain

The teeth contain nerves, and as they lose their outer layer, they are sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks and even brushing. Something that cracks or tears in tooth enamel and exposes the dentin layer can cause tooth pain and dentinal sensitivity. Here are a few causes:


● Cracked tooth
● Tooth decay
● Tooth grinding
● Gum diseases
● Tooth filling
● Smoking
● Brushing aggressively
● Use of teeth whitening products


For now, you can prevent and relieve the tooth nerve pain fast with some remedies listed below:

Preventive Remedies

Avoid food and activities that can weaken your tooth enamel to prevent nerve pain. Be gentle when brushing your teeth. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure to floss. Limit your intake of high-acid food like sugar, fresh and processed meats, such as corned beef and turkey. Also, drinks like sodas, citrus juices, beer, and wine can wear away your tooth covering. If you occasionally grind your teeth or also known as bruxism, you can ask your dentist about using mouth guards.

Short-term Remedies

When a tooth nerve pain attack, brushing with a soft-bristled brush and desensitizing toothpaste twice a day and a fluoride mouthwash rinsing once a day, can reduce the pain. But if brushing with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth doesn’t work, don’t lose hope. You can use CBD Toothpaste instead. This toothpaste is organic and available online. It contains a lot of the same ingredients as regular toothpaste, but it has more organic ingredients and, yes, CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight tooth pain and tooth sensitivity that may be caused by inflammation.


You will also reduce your tooth pain attacks by improved diet plans. Stick to high-fiber food and eggs, load up some calcium, and drink adequate water. Do not chew ice, this will fracture your teeth, and avoid eating sticky and sweet food.

Long-term Remedies

Tooth nerve pain does not normally go away without dental treatment unless the tooth is involved in the recovery process following dental surgery. For long term relief, you can make an appointment with your favorite dentist and discuss your problem. Your dentist can apply a crown for your cracked teeth, but if it’s too complex, you may need a root canal therapy. A gum graft may also suggest by your dentist for your gum problem. Fluoride gel or prescribed desensitizing agents, dental fillings, bondings, or inlays may be an option for your tooth sensitivity.


Truly a sharp, stabbing pain will knock you off your feet, but following these remedies is the best way to avoid crippling toothache. Do not forget to visit a dentist for your regular check-up and follow your diet plan. Be on your feet and start your day without suffering from painful attacks. 


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