How to Use Orthodontic Wax

September 05, 2015

How to Use Orthodontic Wax
Placing orthodontic/dental wax over brackets
Orthodontic wax in the mouth. It protects the soft tissues by providing a barrier between the inner side of the cheeks and lips and the metal or ceramic brackets and ortho wires.

Orthodontic wax can bring instant relief from poking wires, clasps or brackets of braces, if applied correctly. Here is a simple to follow guide on how to apply ortho wax. Before you begin, wash your hands properly with soap and dry them. This will ensure that you do not introduce any germs or bacteria into your mouth.

1. Begin by breaking off a tiny piece of wax from the pack provided to you. Remember, you would not want a noticeable bulge in your mouth, therefore the piece should not be larger than a pea.

2. Next, using your fingers roll this piece into the shape of a ball till it softens a bit and can be molded with a light touch.

Stand in front of a mirror and examine your mouth thoroughly, paying special attention to the insides of the lips and the end of the molars. These are the two places where there is likely to be the most abrasion. However, braces can rub against the insides of the cheeks too. You will notice areas of redness or the spot may be tender to touch. It is difficult to see inside the mouth clearly, so you may need to use a spoon to push the cheek outwards. Do not miss out any painful area as these cuts or scratches inside the mouth can become infected.

3. Once you have identified the points that need to be covered, use a tissue to dry the braces. This will help the orthodontic wax to adhere more firmly. In addition to this, make sure that there is no food debris stuck in the brackets as this can lead to a buildup of bacteria.

4. Now you can apply the ball of wax on the offending bracket or wire. You may use your thumb and the forefinger to place it as far in the mouth as possible. However, if it is beyond reach, you can use only the finger and if necessary the tongue to get it at exactly the right location.

5. Once it is in place, press it gently to fix it there. But make sure that the wire doesn’t push through. The ball of wax should shield your inner skin by covering the wire or bracket completely. With practice you will learn to get it just right.


Tips for applying dental wax

  1. Always remove the wax before you begin brushing your teeth as the wax will clog the bristles of the toothbrush.
  2. If eating without the wax is bearable, then take out the wax before eating as food debris tends to collect at the site. If you would prefer to eat with the wax in place, then replace it with clean wax after eating.
  3. Replace the wax from time to time as it tends to flake off. Besides, if it is left in place for a couple of days, it encourages bacteria growth.

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