Inner Lip Tattoos

September 12, 2015

Inner Lip Tattoos
Inner Lip Tattoos
Lip Tattoo
Inner Lip Tattoo

Lip tattoos have become yet another method to make a style statement for those who find general fashion too mundane. Often people confuse it with lip liner tattoo which is essentially a permanent make up option that is used to cover uneven lip shape or give it a fuller look. Another fad that has picked up is temporary lip tattoo that allows a wide variety in colors and designs. This is an excellent option for those who want to make a style statement without pain or are wary of permanent changes in these times of ever changing fashion trends.

But for body art fans, inner lip tattoo is the ultimate. What makes inner lip tattoos even more appealing is that it becomes visible only if you wish to show it. This makes it very convenient for those who may need to be discrete as per their job profiles. It also gives the freedom of choosing something that may seem silly or downright outrageous to be shared with only a few.

Lip tattoos disadvantages

  1. A drawback often reported with these tattoos is that they tend to fade out much faster than body tattoos.  This is because saliva in the oral cavity contains enzymes. Therefore touch ups might be required from time to time.
  2. Inner lip tattoos, like oral piercings carry the risk of infection and need to be done under a sterile environment.
  3. A point to remember is that regular tattoo ink is used to create these tattoos. Concern has been voiced that these may be harmful for health as these contain industrial grade colors.


Aftercare instructions need to be followed closely to minimize inflammation and promote healing.

  1. You would be instructed to keep the tattoo area dry for a few hours, so it is advisable to eat before you get a tattoo.
  2. Avoid having acidic foods or drinks till the tattoo heals. The same goes for smoking.
  3. As inner lip tattoos are inside the mouth, it is not possible to apply an ointment. But use an antibacterial mouth rinse that does not contain alcohol several times in the day, especially before and after eating.
  4. Do not touch the affected area till it heals completely.

Are lip tattoos dangerous for our oral health?

  1. The oral cavity contains numerous bacteria and a tattoo can easily get infected if proper care is not taken.
  2. It is possible for the tattoo ink to rub against the gums, eventually causing inflammation and gum recession. If left untreated this may even need surgery in the long run. Therefore it is advisable to get regular dental checkups so that it can be caught early on.
  3. If you want to remove the tattoo, it is again better to consult a dentist rather than trying to do it yourself at home.


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