Is There a Better Alternative to Traditional Braces?

February 08, 2021

Is There a Better Alternative to Traditional Braces?
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The first thing that people notice in you is your teeth. You get a good impression when you've got a pearly, healthy, beautiful smile. A healthy smile can boost self-confidence and has a huge factor in your overall appearance. You can't deny the fact that you feel good when you have a perfect set of teeth. You wouldn't be surprised why most people strive to take care of their teeth and invest in orthodontic treatments. Aside from self-esteem, giving the best care to your oral health offers an array of benefits. It can prevent the formation of plaque, cavities, and tartar keeps your overall health in check, and saves you money in the future as it minimizes tooth decay and gum disease.


At present, orthodontic treatments are associated with young adults. Teenagers are more conscious about their visual appearance. They feel that braces are the most effective way to have straight clean teeth. But not all adults are comfortable having a mouth full of metal. Orthodontists offer alternatives to braces that provide equal results as traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

The components of lingual braces are the same as traditional braces. But they are placed on the teeth, tongue, or side of the teeth. Since they're behind the teeth, they are almost invisible. Generally, this type of braces can rectify the same kinds of alignment issues as traditional braces. Based on the 2016 review, it achieved the same treatment goals doctors and patients have planned. Like conventional braces, lingual braces have dietary restrictions. Avoiding chewy, hard, and sticky foods should be observed during the duration of the treatment. Since these braces are at the back of the teeth and tongue, they are the most difficult to keep clean.


The most popular alternative to traditional metal braces is Invisalign. Unlike conventional braces that rely on wires and metal brackets, this treatment consists of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth. It's easier and comfortable to use, almost invisible, and can be removed when eating different foods. Although Invisalign was first started in the US, countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK, and other parts of Asia have used this treatment shortly. There are 40,000 Australians a year who prefer to use clear aligners. While the experts at Chelmsford Dental discuss the benefits of Invisalign, more and more patients in the country are convinced that this treatment is an excellent option to address crooked, crowded, and spaces between teeth. Consequently, this is the fastest dental category.


Ceramic Braces

They are also known as clear braces with tooth-colored wires and brackets attached to the surface of the teeth. They look and function like metal braces. They fix bite problems and straighten teeth. The wires of the ceramic braces are more fragile and break easily than metal wires, so they need extra care. Another downside is it can stain and discolor your teeth because the rubber is a porous material. Because they are made of ceramic, they are less painful to the gums and cheeks. They are also hard to notice especially at a distance, and cost-effective.

Regardless of the treatment, it is important to pay attention to oral health as it has a huge impact on our overall personality and well-being. There are multiple options to offer a chance to discern your best look without the disadvantages associated with the traditional braces routine.


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